Hey, Leah here c: I'm not very happy with how this set turned out, i might try and fix it later. anywayy..

Truth or dare is a really fun game to play, but it can sometimes be really hard to think of questions/dares, so hopefully this will help you! (:

T R U T H ; ;

- who is your least favourite person in the room?
- who in the room would you most like to kiss?
- what do you hate most about yourself?
- what do you like most about yourself?
- have you ever shaved 'down there'?
- who is the hottest person that you know?
- what age did you lose your virginity/have your first kiss?
- who in the room would you kiss?
- who has seen you naked?
- what is the sIuttiest piece of clothing you own?
- ever gone commando?
- have you ever sexted?
- what colour is your underwear?
- last person you kissed?
- what is the worst thing you've ever done?
- what was your most embarrassing moment?
- who do you like?
- would you rather kiss ____ or _____?
- who are you most jealous of and why?
- ever let someone else get the blame for what you did?
- ever watched someone while they were changing/showering?
- ever skinny dipped?
- ever stole anything and what was it?
- ever had a crush on a teacher?
- who do you like best, the person on your left or your right?
- stupidest thing you've ever done?
- worst mark you've gotten on a test?
- how many people have you made out with?
- ever talked dirty?
- how far have you gone?
- if you had to make out with one of your teachers, who would it be?
- scariest moment?
- what is the worst feature of {pick a person in the room}
- would you go to school naked for a million dollars?
- what parts of your body have you shaved?
- what age did you get your period?
- ever walked around naked?
- spit or swallow?
- ever cheated?

D A R E S ; ;

- kiss ____
- exchange a piece of clothing with ____
- mix together loads of different food, and make the person eat it!
- prank call someone
- call your crush
- make the person wear a really weird outfit and walk down the street wearing it!
- put ice down your top/pants
- act out a scene from a movie
- impersonate someone
- sing a song
- make them run down the street screaming something weird
- do your friends make-up and make them walk down the street with it (better if it's a guy!)
- make out with an inanimate object (pillow, wall, etc)
- smell ____'s foot
- act like your drunk for 10 minutes
- grab ____'s butt for 10 seconds
- lick ____'s ear/neck/face/etc.
- shave your legs (better for guys)
- hug a stranger
- ding dong ditch
- sing the barney song outside at the top of your voice
- stand outside for 15 minutes, and say I LOVE YOU to anyone that passes
- pour ice cold water on your head
- jump in a pool in your clothes
- skinny dip
- flash a stranger
- prank call your parents
- stick your hand in the toilet
- lick the floor
- peel a banana with your feet
- belly dance
- write ____ on your face with eyeliner/lipstick
- do the cinnamon challenge
- eat mustard/ketchup/vinegar/flour
- call your crush and sing a romance song
- stuff as many marshmallows as you can into your mouth
- drink water someone has spat in
- do an impression of someone in the room
- send a facebook relationship request to someone

okay, that's all I've got for now. hope you liked the tip, and feel free to comment with any other ideas you have c:

stay beautiful ♥

- Leah / @leah-weasley xoxo
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