There we go i finally auditioned for this after umming and arring since i got back, the draw was to strong. sorry in advance for the weird family history. if it's too much i can change it

name: Isabelle ‘Belle’ Clarissa Williams
“To love is to destroy, to be loved is to be the one destroyed”
age: 21
neighborhood: Manhattan 
style: Tights and heels are her trademark she wears them with almost anything. Has a soft spot for necklaces and sunglasses.
school: Journalism at NYU
job: Lives off family money
personality: Belle is rather jaded and cynical, but who can blame her after the way her life has been. She doesn’t trust anyone, men in particular and refuses to get involved in a long-term relationships, always scared that she'll end up hurt and alone. She loves to drink and she loves one-night stands but refuses to touch any hard drugs. If you're kind to her Belle will be kind in return but she considers barely anyone her friend and refuses to open herself to anyone fully. Belle is manipulative and likes to get her own way, sometimes alienating herself from the people around her but she’s really just an angry young girl who doesn’t know how to be anything else.
family/history: Belle grew up in your average middle class family, until her had died when she was 15. Two years later her mum remarried – the wealthy father of Belle’s boyfriend. It put a strain on her relationship with both her mum and her boyfriend. They tried to make it last, until one day she ended it and refused to tell anyone why. The only member of her family she is still in contact with is her uncle and his wife. Of course if you ask her, all you’ll ever get is it’s complicated. 
relationship status: Single
relationship with other girls: See's Ryder around campus and knows Kat from class.
model: Emma Stone

PARAMORE TOMORROW. I have a whole girls day planned with my friend so I'll probably only be on a little bit in the morning x
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