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Ever since that mysterious note attached to our paper arrived on the doorstep of our tiny loft in Venice, Ezra had been keeping an eye out in the papers. Every newsletter, article, or even just a slight mention involving high risk robberies was cut out and tacked to the wall of his study. Important information and keynote details were highlighted, with extreme precision, just like the teacher he was. 

But, of course, I had only gotten one A note. Our world had to go on.

Ezra was currently in the works with summer school, since some Italian students /definitely/ needed the extra help practicing English. And I… was on summer from school now, but had one more year left until I got my bachelors in English. And then Ezra and I could go on to do whatever I wanted.

My phone vibrated in the pocket of my shorts with a text, which seemingly caused my heart to stop. Could A have learned my phone number in Italy? Was A here… in Venice? Thankfully enough, once I wiggled my phone free, I realized it was just Ezra.

‘Want to meet for lunch? I have my break in an hour.’

I checked the time. I could definitely go to the market and be back with enough time to spare.

‘Of course baby. Can’t wait. Xx.’

I hit reply before buttoning my blazer, slipping on my shoes, and marching out of our front door.

Living in the city provided a close distance to, well, everything. I could walk to the market, then to the boutiques, and even to a café and have lunch with a few of the ladies who I met here (that thankfully speak English, since my Italian sucks).

I enjoyed the freedom I had from Rosewood here.

I was my own person, and Ezra and I could be whoever we want…

Which meant married.

Except we were still engaged, but whatever.

I stopped at the market and noticed a newspaper that we didn’t get in the machine. I pulled out 50 cents in Euros and inserted it into the machine and pulled the paper free. We only got the English one, but I’m sure my shitty Italian would suffice.

“Dipinto di Van Gogh rubato.” It read, in big letters.

My heart dropped.

“Van Gogh painting stolen.”

I knew enough Italian to translate that.

My phone buzzed again. Probably Ezra, asking where to meet for lunch.

Except, it wasn’t.

The incoming number was blocked. The stomach dropped at the sight.

It had been almost five years since it ended.

It was over. 

Mona. Was. A.

Mona. Was. Dead.

This couldn’t be happening.

‘Hey Little A. You know, things don’t have to be this way with us. We could work together; imagine how fun it’d be! But you’re a goody two shoes. And you know who stole that painting. So do I. And guess what? I’m telling. A’

I dropped my phone on the pavement before everything went black.

(type 'i miss our little talks' if you read it all)

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Wrote 4 years ago

Wrote 4 years ago
@the-clary-project yays. okee.

Wrote 4 years ago
/end scene/
cuz i can't think of what else would happen lol
well at least my story is over halfway done

Wrote 4 years ago
@the-clary-project *rolls her eyes and sneers at her* "of course." *stalks off*



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