The truth may or may not set you free.

I'm only like a 120 pages into the first book so go away.
Here's my process.
I want to be Amity. I want peace and harmony and I want to be liked and be patient with others. Every day in real life I want this. But I can't, for whatever reason something is stopping me from being this extraordinary nice person, outgoing person. I might belong here simply because of my artistic aptitudes, my being emotionally driven, and because it sounds like the most comfortable living. But I am not certain I would stay.
Then there's Erudite, which has the manifesto I most agree with. And certainly I think knowledge is power and ignorance corrupts. And there's a part of me that wants more, but the part of me that isn't so scholarly, that is more hedonistic and more emotionally driven, and the fact that I don't believe Erudite has much place for the arts, which is something I value very much, I think I would be a small fish in a big pond here.
And I am most certainly not selfless and I would die in Dauntless, I would be too afraid to try--any act of bravery on my part is really just stubborn determination to survive.
So, ultamitely, I'd be Candor. I would chose Candor, because it would be the harder decision over Amity, but also because all my life I've only ever wanted to say what I wanted to say, but can't. I would be born elsewhere, but I would definitely fight to tell the truth, learn to display candor, though I would very likely deviate every now and then [I believe in grey areas. More than that I believe in color, and you can see how the wardrobe restrictions would displease me.]
We all would.


Wrote three years ago
beautifully effortless, I likey! <3

Wrote three years ago
Of course I would! :D

Wrote three years ago
I FOUND MY OLD AS-S DRAFT OF THE ROLE PLAY'S INFO. omg would you be interested in co-modding? :3

Wrote three years ago
Restricting the number of initiates would be good.

Wrote three years ago
Unless we restructed the number of initiates per faction.

Wrote three years ago
I know right?
I would say actually have them take a personality test might deter that, but in the end the choice would be thiers.
Literally no one would chose abnegation is my guess.

Wrote three years ago
The bad thing about it is that everyone and their mom will want to be Dauntless because it's cool to throw themselves inside a moving train and they wear ~leather jackets...

Wrote three years ago
It was my initial reaction to do so too, though I haven't finished the first book yet.
You mean in terms of encompassing the factions even though characters would be separate?
Ooh, sudden idea. You could have it that all the characters start off at the attribute test, and the mods test that character. Then there is a separate mod doing the initiation for each faction, slightly like TFE is currently set up.

Wrote three years ago
I really wanted to make a role play for this (hence my Divergent collections) but I would be so lost events-wise.

Wrote three years ago
I do give the author credit tho for at least making her self-deprivation believable due to the environment she was raised in
You'll see what I mean by that. The whole faction thing is rather interesting. I like that it's very Hunger Gamesish but poses more philosophical ideas.

Wrote three years ago
Hmm, I think I may have to pick up a copy to read on my flight home - I'm very much intrigued by these faction thingies. Oh naturally, that's the way it goes!

Wrote three years ago
Lovely! I don't think I could be in any of the factions because I have a little bit of everything. Also, Tris is ~*~beautiful~*~ with her "plain" looks.

Wrote three years ago
I like it so far. I feel very behind just now reading it, but I had been confusing it with that Lauren Oliver book, Delirium, for months [that plot of that book just sounds incredible frustrating, so I refuse to read it].
The only thing that has gotten of my pet peeves is the main character describes herself as plain, obviously, because her 'eyes are too big'. Which clearly means she is a thing of great beauty. This is teen novel fact.

Wrote three years ago
Dang, I think I need to read this book. Fantastic collection, Duck!

Wrote three years ago
I've read both books and adore them!! And this Candor collection is gorgeous. I'd like to say I'd be courageous enough to be in Dauntless, but in reality, I'm sure I wouldn't last two days. :/


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