WHICH former A-lister is making her money by selling out her friends? Work has been a little slow lately for the actress, who’s slowly sliding down the fame scale until she does something relevant. But girl’s gotta eat, and she’s been feeding blind items to gossip mags, spilling her friends secrets, just to get a little cash on the side. 
Name: Sutton Mills 
Age: 23 
Hometown: Louisville, KY 
Known for: The hit teen drama ‘The Steps’. In the shows infancy, all of the cast were heralded as the next era of Hollywood superstars, but quickly they were all eclipsed by the rapidly growing fame of Brie Hastings. While Sutton may have been a better actor, the fashion campaigns, big budget blockbusters, and endless paychecks all went Brie’s way. Sutton tried to launch a music career but few paid attention and a couple supporting roles garnered little love from the critics. 
Model: Anna Christine Speckhart. 

I want you to imagine a time when you thought you were on the precipice of something amazing, as though you could see in the distance a bright and glimmering future waiting for you. Now imagine that light, that light that everyone says they had never seen burn brighter, more wonderful, begins to dim. For a while I never thought that could happen to me, but small caveat to you young ingénues who presume shiit will never happen to you just because you presume you have an iota of talent let me give you a piece of advice. Talent isn’t worth sh-t. Not unless you can sell it. 

Okay maybe I’m overstating this a little. I’ll go back to the beginning, everything makes more sense that way. 

A couple years ago, I got my first big role in this teen drama ‘The Steps’ and it just grabbed everyone’s attention. Within weeks, maybe days, we were shooting a cover for Vogue. Paparazzi were waiting outside my apartment for me to go out on a run with my dog. It was all, a little too much. I’ve always been this real in my head person, you know? 

I wouldn’t have made it through had it not been for Brie. I mean Brie and I are not similar people in the slightest, she’s this effervescent bubbly pile of sexy rainbows and homemade snickerdoodles (if you met her, I promise this would make sense). We played off each other so well on the show that it just translated into a really close friendship. For a couple months we were inseparable. But then Brie started doing interviews by herself, started getting big roles in everything from gritty crime dramas to superhero movies. She was in Cannes, I was at the Kids frickin choice Awards. 

You understand how I felt right? I mean we’d run this crazy race together for so long and now she was pulling ahead, rounding the corner while I fell behind. And then, then I get this call. Now Brie, Brie loves to party she loves to go dancing and have fun and “live life to the fullest!” I wake up in the morning and notice I have about 8 missed calls all from Miss Brie. Let me tell you, they sucked. Here she is half wild sobbing, half proud gloating that her new so called “intricate relationship” with Director Mitchell Levy is going to propel her to Angelina level fame and that she felt so sorry for me getting left behind in the dust but she says that “TV shows for middle schoolers will be good for me”. 

I was fuming, in that moment cartoonish steam probably shot out of my ears. Suddenly, my phone rings and it’s Brie. 

“Hey did I call you last night?” She slurs, clearly hungover
Then I realize she doesn’t even remember. I have 8 messages detailing her fairly lurid affair with a very married director and she doesn’t even remember calling me. Something inside me turned a corner. 
“Yeah a couple times, you just babbled about how much you loved that Louboutin was naming a shoe after you.”
“Are you shiiting me? God I’m sorry, Sutton, I can be such an uppity biznatch when I’m drunk. Coffee meeting with the writers today right?”
“Yup, see you there Briester.” As I hung up the phone, I pulled up the email address that had been floating around in the back of my head. 
With a couple clicks of my keyboard, an anonymous email address, and one headline shaking story I was 25,000 dollars richer.
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