try to be more uniqe your last week,,

ehhm.. idk what to say. some mean its this week we all die.. or there is coming zombies
-no matter how freaking much i LOOVE Zombies, i would not enjoy then in real..
.. finally i find something awesome dark clothes :)
-if i should do something before i die.. it should be:
Tell this f*** amazing person that i love him.
tell my best friend i love her
tell my cat that there is food in the basement..
say to my teacher how much i hate her
listening to all my music.
try to get high, and drunk at same time.
.. Wtf.. i don't even wanna care what i've just have wroted.. ehmm..

two comments

Wrote 4 years ago
Thank you :)
- ehmm. actually that last stuff was.. just thoughts, but thanks for advise :D
and thank you again" :D

Wrote 4 years ago
Awesome collection! I love it.
Something you should know a friend of mine got high and drunk at the same time and ended up in the hospital, she couldn't barely move for the next days.. so be carefull if you actually do any of those stuff.


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