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Okay so me and @lexieholl have a pretty active imagination as you can probably already tell. If you don't know who @lexieholl is look her up and you'll have your answer well anyways I was txting her and said that I've never had a cronut( idk where that came from) bt yeah so she asked if I wanted to go to New York with her and the rest is history!
Our convo:
@lexieholl :I do too u wanna go NY with me and get a cronut? 
Me:Lol YES!!!
@lexieholl :Let's go right now
Me:Okay come get me bt don't forget to pick up Rydel Riker and Ross on your way * I was mad at Rocky and Ratliff FYI bt mostly Rocky also don't ask y cuz I forgot*
@lexieholl :Kk I'll have to bring Rocky and Ratliff too cuz they haven't had one
Me:Noooo Rydel and Riker and Ross can tell them what it tatse like ps maybe Ratliff can come
@lexieholl : Stasha Rocky and Ratliff or no cronuts at all
Me:Fiinnneeee ugh *sighs* bt no Ryland they can bring him one home in a doggy bag ( okay that was mean I admit) lol
@lexieholl :Just for that Rylands coming too
Me:Dang me and my big mouth
R u still coming
@lexieholl :Were on the way and Ryland says he can't wait to see u ?
Me:Tell Ross to save a spot for me next to him
@lexieholl :It's occupied
Me: BY WHO?!!
@lexieholl: Laura
Me: YAY!!! Laura is coming!!!
Ps tell Riker to save a seat next to him for me
@lexieholl : yeah Nope that's taken too
Me: BY WHO??!!
@lexieholl : ME!!!!!
Soooo yeah there's a lot more basically going on about @lexieholl liking Rocky and ending with the muppets am I a man or am I muppet song:) (yeah we txt sing ) anyways wayyyy to much to type
Yeah bt we're just cool like that( not to bragg)
Ps just to be clear a cronut is a mix between a croissant and donut rite ???
Stay lovely!! 
All the lovely ones:
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