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To my dear Polyfriends whom I haven't been on here long enough to chat with in awhile, I've been struggling with a with a health issue that's put me behind on many things and I'm trying to heal and find good answers as fast as possible to catch up. It started out as a pain on my left side just under the ribcage. Thought to be a muscle sprain at first but with severe stomach upset, pain, heartburn and more, then thought to be an ulcer. I've been struggling on and off with it since late January and on Easter came down with the worst virus I've had to date. It's more stress/pain/aggrivation than something truly serious (CT scan fine) but with doc #4, I go for another test next week. Feels like a bad ulcer and a muscular issue combination. Hopefully will get answers but as I've been behind on work and social correspondence, I'm sorry for not having kept in touch as much and I miss you all. It has simply been a stressful time in more ways than one. I miss Polyvore fun, creative writing just for me and being able to sit at my desk comfortably. Trying traditional medicine and natural (Manuka honey) and hope to be in ship-shape soon!!! xo
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