Name and model:Cathy Cohen - Leighton Meester
Nickname: The Queen
Bio:I'm Cathy and I'm 18. I'm still in high school,at a private school in New York, and next year I'll be a senior and finish with it.Finally! I don't have a large group of friends, but the ones i do have, i picked carefully and i know that they'll always be there for me. My best friend is April Simmons and we went through A LOT together, so we're pretty much like sisters.
I'm generally a nice person, but i do have a bitchy side, so you'd better not interfere in my business, because i will take you down!
I'm also an aspiring designer, so most of my time goes on drawing sketches, sewing and altering clothes. I'm hoping I'll get an internship somewhere, but I'm still waiting for the opportunity to come up.
I must mention that i absolutely LOVE parties and i attend as many as possible.
Your Style: I'm mainly girly, dressed in skirts and dresses with bows, ribbons, hearts and flowers in my hair,but the next day, i may want to look posh and go for heels and an all-black outfit.The thing that i almost ALWAYS wear, especially at school, is my signature accessory, the headband.Also, my school look is limited by the fact that we are supposed to wear a uniform, so i have a chic, preppy style, in tones of navy blue, white and red, adding colored stockings when i feel like it.
What clothing item you would never be caught DEAD in: a fur coat
Celeb guy of your choice (Pick ONE only):Ed Westwick
His made up name:Luke Brandon

Location: School. Courtyard.

Of course, thanks to the events at the Masquerade, now absolutely EVERYBODY is talking about it and laughing behind my back. Apparently, we have been awarded "The on again-off again couple of the year" award.Yay, joy!

As soon as I step into the courtyard, i see how literally EVERY.DAMN.FACE. turns to watch me and evaluate my every move, as i walk up the stairs.

"Oh, my god, were you there? Did you see her face when Luke came?"

"Yeah, i know, right? She was so shocked!"

"Did you know that he slept with Mona? That's why they broke up!"

"No,no, didn't he sleep with Evelyn? It was her party."

"Do you think they'll get back together?"

"No. She is SO done."

"I heard that Luke sleeps with other girls because he's not getting any from her"

"Boohoo. Poor little virgin Queen. Now she's all alone."

Everybody's whispering in high voices so that i can hear every word they say.Bastards! Those stupid b*tches will pay!

If only i could stop thinking about what an a*shole Luke is and make the pain go away...
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