Charlotte Carmichael: Charlotte is one of the younger elites, but she is one of the greatest. She can hang with just about anyone with her easy going attitude. She's majorly into fashion and everyone is convinced shes addicted to shopping. She'd never say anything bad about her friends and is totally loyal. She can be a goofball but is really mature for her age.
Age: 15
Model: Emma Watson
I gazed up into the store window, which held the most gorgous looking clutch I, myself, have ever laid eyes on. Chanel Metallic Blue Camera Bag was what I wanted, no, needed. Ashton, who is ony of my closet friends, and the most beautifulist girl known in New York. She caught my gaze and chuckled. Aston walked right beside me, taking her place and sighed. She placed her hands on her hips, their rightful place.
"C'mon Charlotte!"She whined."I want to get to Barney's and buy that last Christian Louboutin Estoteri in an size nine before Tinsley."She sput out the last line like she hated the taste of that word, "Tinsley." Apparently they were very good friends, atleast from what I've heard but Ashton said that Tinsley wasn't the right girl for the title of "IT Girl." My head snapped towards Ashton's direction and nodded, breaking the invisible bond between me and that clutch. I smiled and locked arms with Ashton as she dragged me down to Fifth Avenue.
Sorry, a little (alot) rusty with my sets and stories. Forgive me, ha.
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