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Emma Merrill
From: Helena, Montana
Age: 18
Likes: Hiking, the outdoors, camping, her dog, football
Dislikes: Chauvinists, girly stuff, winter, her twin sister
Emma was voted Most Likely to Become the First Woman in the NFL. Sporty and fit, she's a very pretty girl. Unfortunately, when it comes to dating, Emma might as well have her head buried in the sand. She doesn't know a thing about makeup, and has never had a boyfriend, because she's always been one of the guys. Her twin sister, Melissa, is the opposite way. Popular and gorgeous, Melissa is never without a guy on her arm. In fact, she sometimes has two. Their parents always encouraged Melissa's man-eating behavior, saying it was somehow "empowering" for her to be in control in so many relationships. Melissa has a pretty warped view of the world, but Emma sees things a little more practically. She understands what needs to happen to make a relationship work, but she never manages to pull it off. Constantly compared to her twin, she finds herself wondering if she is good enough, pretty enough, or smart enough. She actually really dislikes her twin, and would love to be an only child. If she had a chance, Emma would love to get Melissa on the football field. She'd be able to demolish her in seconds, and hearing her cry over her broken nails would be retribution for all the times Melissa stole the guy Emma liked and then flaunted him in front of her face, and for all the times Melissa lied to their parents and blamed Emma. Emma's the black sheep of her family, all because of her crazy-competitive sister. She's ready to get away and build her own reputation.
Model: Alexanrda Spencer

Top Five Choices:
- Emma
- Chloe
- Laurel
- Nikita
- Giovanna

What is your family life like?
Why did you come to Venice?
Do you like it?
What's your talent?
What's your biggest fear?
What quote describes you?
What are three things to have with you at all times? Why?
How are you feeling at this /very/ moment?
As yourself:
Will you be active?
Why should we choose you for the part?
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