; ; Holland, Katharine Eleanor ; ; 
eighteen years of age/ WLS, SMWC
daughter of the acclaimed James and Victoria Holland, family owns twenty acres of land west of the Crooked river, all cotton plantations
- Miss Katharine is, against will, a British darling transplanted in a small southern town. With her proper manners and upturned nose, she is dainty and petite. Her family is quite prosperous and owns a large block of land on the opposing side of the Crooked river. One would think that being so close to the Montgomerys, the families would be friends but you would be gravely wrong. Oh no, the Hollands and Montgomerys are quite suspicious of each other and that animosity has trickled down to Kat and Coco. The two, although involved in many of the same organizations, are sworn enemies. You see, Kat does not like to associate with her parent's rivals. But could there be more to it than that?
model;;Clemence Poesy
taken by;; ♥Lemon_Green♥ hopefully!

Top 3:

"Good morning, Coco", I said and air kissed her. I had to do this because we behave well, no?
After the greeting I didn't have to talk to her any longer and that was a relief. I don't really know why I don't like her, it's just something between our families. And since I'm a good daughter...

"May I take you to your seat, Miss Holland?", Nate asked and offered me his arm. 

"Of course", I smiled and took it. Nate was the perfect gentleman, just like he should be. My parents would love me to marry him once. And everybody thought that this would be the bets thing ever. I don't really want it, though and I often wonder why.

"How was the Literary Society meeting, Miss Holland?", he wanted to know on the way to the table.

"You know that you can call me Katherine, Nate", I offered him once again, "and thanks, it was interesting."

"Here we are... Katherine", Nate pointed towards a chair and helped me to sit down between him - and Alan. 

"Alan", I greeted him coldly. 

"Ah, Katherine. How nice to meet you", he responded and kissed my hand. "You look even better than I remembered."

"Thanks", I said and looked down to the desk like I should. Plus, I blushed, of course. I know how to behave.

Alan looked very, very handsome. He was the type of guy every girl wants to marry. But then, he had this strange side. He's funny, but he loved to flirt. Rumors said that he wanted to steal a kiss from every single girl in town. Well, he shouldn't get me. Alan was the bad boy and I was the goody-goody. But no problem for me to avoid someone like him. I turned around to Nate and started a conversation with him. 

"Did you go on a riding tour today?"

"Oh yes, it was wonderful. I heard that you're a good rider, Katherine."

"Oh yes, Kat's really... good", Alan interrupted him and grinned. 

I didn't answer and just threw a glance to him. 

"It was a great day to spend it outside... I had to visit the Society", I sighed.

"You said it was interesting? What did you discuss?"

"Well, just some books for girls. You know, nothing too political", I responded. 

"So nothing too difficult? Otherwise it would be too hard, no?" Alan again, of course.

That's how a normal, boring day looks in my life. Sitting between the good and the bad ones, fun and ennui.
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