Lola Monroe, 21
From - Tacoma, Washington
Major(s) - Business/Managerial Economics
Year - Junior
Background - Lola is funny but is accident prone. She's always injuring herself so for her to be so good on the soccer field is quite the surprise. Back at home Lola was recognized for her talents and her gorgeous hair. Her style is sort of athletic with a little bit of girly. She is sort of a nerd but doesn't really care, she loves hanging around smart people and can not tolerate ignorance. Lola has some funny dance moves and enjoys theatre from a little time. She has a tendency to be a little bossy bitchh but she can be as sweet as pie as long as you're on her good side.
Looks - Emily Didonato

-> Tell us about yourself and your personality. 
Hello there! My personality is straightforward and assertive. Sometimes, I can be a bit immodest and show-off my talents and skills. I love manipulating people; it's just a divine art of mine. I seek perfection in the smallest spots. It’s always been a habit of mine to criticize severely, since my parents were pretty harsh on me. I’m sorry if I had upset your intellect. But most of the time, I'm sweet and good-natured. 

-> What is your life like at home? What's your family like?
I grew up in Tacoma, Washington, a cloudy, liberal town. My father was a theoretical scientist and my mother was a teacher. They worked around rainy Seattle. I would often stay in Seattle during the Saturdays, when I had music and ballet lessons. When I grew older, I’d take a subway home and check out the cool libraries and cafes. It was such a wonderful, multi-cultural city. I learned many, just by walking around the town. I also grew up with an older brother, Michael, who is currently attending MIT and two younger sisters, Anna and Rose, who attend boarding school on the East Coast. I also had a cat, named Nuclear Fission. He is a strange, Maine Cocoon who likes sleeping and playing with females. My family is pretty close. We used to be closer, when we all lived in Tacoma in our little blue house in the suburbs. Growing up, I always had good grades (A+, never lower) and the teachers adored me. I could calculate equations at the speed on light (just kidding) and I would often recite Shakespeare that I memorized from a snap for the class. I often taught computer programming to the younger students. I was invited to these luncheons to celebrate Honor students (ahem, they were actually favorites of the teachers). I attended this quirky, gifted school, where everybody was impeccably genius. Michael recommended the school for me. I ran for debate club President, and won, after manipulating and sabotaging the mega-bICh, Francis Teas. Then, I created a French club, since nobody had bothered, and crowned myself founder and president. I also founded a fundraiser committee. After, I won roles as MVP for the Tennis crew, after brutally practicing every day, for years, straight. I played the piano for 18 years, often performing for the school. I also played first violin, flute, and saxophone. Michael taught me advanced mathematics for my age. He let me fiddle around with his math textbooks. Anna and Rose often called me “nerdy”, which drove me insane. They liked to dress themselves up in dolly clothing. No wonder they loved this fancy, private East Coast Academy so much. They helped me dress and made me impeccably gorgeous for the talent and award luncheons and graduation, where I was crowned valedictorian and rushed off to Harvard.

-> What are some of your loves, hates, hobbies, and hidden talents?
Growing up near Seattle, I loved Science Fiction. I’d gobble down those novels, Asimov, Clarke, Orwell, Bradbury. Literally. I learned a great deal from the novels. I’d often ask my father about different science terms, where even the Gifted academy didn’t teach you these things, and he’d usher about them. It was fun, having tea in the morning, while we read the newspapers together and had a fiery debate. I collected these novels, and Shakespeare as well. I also danced ballet, since I was two. It’s just a hobby, as Tennis is. Anna and Rose adore ballet. I also like math, my silver calculator, that my mother saved her money up for, is my darling. I often keep it in this cool, Japanese pencil case I bought at this outdoor vendor at night in Tokyo when my academy traveled overseas to explore the Silicon deposits and Tokyo. I also liked puzzles and games. I’d often play these with Michael. We’d spend our Friday nights not partying (yes, we were lifeless losers), but devising up algorithms written on an amateur‘s notebook. I also like music, Mozart, Beethoven, and Strauss. As you know, I played the piano, flute, violin, and saxophone. I hate bowling. I don’t see the fun in bowling. And I hate lukewarm beer. After reading my father’s old Wine and Champagne guides innocently at two years old, I know what is good and bad from my instinct (preferably luxury wine is best when chilled). 

-> What makes you a brainiac? What is your favorite subject?
I strived for perfection. I always needed to beat everybody else. No wonder why I received the prized Valedictorian title, with a perfect 4.0 GPA. I was always the teachers’ favorite. I raised my hand frequently, knowing the answers for everything. People called me the walking encyclopedia. I excelled way too much, in everything. And, with tons of extra curricular activities, of course it looks good. My favorite subject? All of them. 
-> What extra curriculars or sports are you planning on doing?
We’ll wait and see.

-> What does Veritas (Truth) mean to you? (It's the school motto)
Truth is inevitable. Truth is counterpostive of promises to be held, roots to be contempt. Truth will wash away all of our deadly sins . . . hopefully.

{Answer these out of character}
-> Do you think you can stay active?
I can’t guarantee anything, really! I have to keep up my straight A average and study, study, study. And, I also have lots of extra curriculars. I’m sorry if I’m really inactive or if I post a lazy story =( But, I know that Lola’s character /will/ grow. I /can/ guarantee that.
-> Why should we choose you to play your desired part?
Lola seems really unique and spontaneous. She’s the girl I’m sort of like. And of course, I adore Harvard . . .
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