1. Bio
Sandra Parisii
“The Primer Expert”
Age: 23
Personality: Loud & Obnoxious
Signature Scent: Dior Pure Poison
Sandra is a bright-eyed blonde with a big attitude. If you get on her nerves, even the slightest bit, she will blow up on you. She lives in the middle of Paris and is the queen bee at her school. She’s not so smart so she started to work at Sephora because she knew other jobs would be too hard for her. Her best advice to costumers is “use a primer!” She knows what holds foundation up the best, eyeshadows, and everything else that goes on top of a primer. Her pet peeve is when girls have melting makeup and go out in public. It aggravates her.
Model: Sigrid Agren
2. 3 Things Your Character Likes and Dislikes
Likes: primer, being in control, parties
Dislikes: people who don’t know how to makeup, annoying people, not getting what she wants
3. Top 2 Characters
1- Lucie Freiman 
2- Alizé Brouard
4. Promise To Make At Least One To Two [LOST] Sets Per Week
Promised! I’ll make time to do it, it’s not even hard :)
5. State How Many RP's You Are Currently In
Only one and I hope to be in one more
6. Answer The Following Questions:
-Why do you want this character?
I think I’ll have a good time playing her and I also like it because it’s very different from the other character I’m actually portraying.
-How many times have you quit a RP?
I think around five, but I’d had really bad luck with roleplays, most of them became inactive.
-Will you be an active member?
Sure, I really like this group.
-Do you like this RP's idea and what would you do to improve it?
I can’t think of anything, actually. It’s really good.
7. Write A Short Story About Any Part Of Your Character's Life
I was running late to work. Not five minutes late, really late – nothing my boss would really like. And heels weren’t actually the best footwear you could find to run all my way to the subway. And of course I had to stop at the nearest coffee house to buy myself a take-away breakfast. I ran as fast as I could to the cash register to other my self a latte.
“In a minute” the coffee guy said and left to make my coffee.
“Excuse, there is a queue over here” an old irritated lady said to me.
I looked at her. She was that kind of woman who thinks that, because she’s old, she should wear all the makeup that could find. I gave her a disgust look and rolled my eyes.
“Where is my latte? I’m late to work!” I yelled after noticing it wasn’t ready yet.
“Won’t you at least say sorry for behaving so badly?” the same old lady continued giving me her good manners speech like I even cared. I wasn’t in the mood for that type of thing.
“Oh my god!” I turned to her furious “Will you stop being such an annoying piece of sh.it and return to feed your cat?”
She looked at my surprised and angry. Like she couldn’t believe I was talking to her that way. I didn’t know what her problem was, she deserved worse but I was in a hurry so I couldn’t dedicate so much time to insult her.
“Finally!” I exclaimed as I watched my coffee arriving “Here you are” I threw some money on the guy’s face and ran out with my coffee in my hand.
I could hear some cursing words around me from the people I was pushing away from my way. I didn’t care, I was so much important that anything they were doing. I still didn’t understand how could people don’t notice that already. I was almost getting tired of Paris. I mean, it was beautiful, but it was also full of a lot of annoying tourists that were getting on my nerves.
“Only for a couple of weeks more” I said to myself “I will rule Saint Tropez soon”
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