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1. Vamessa Carlos
2. Juliette D’aubigne
3. Scarlet Hoskins
4. Alicia Paisley
Vannessa sipped her water and started texting. She was already homesick. With her big sunglasses in her trendy chanel handbag, she was ready for the first day of Redford. She was in the back of her father's shiny black limo, eating sushi, her fave food. 
"We are here, Miss. Carlos," said the driver, dan. 
"alright, bye. And thanks," Vannesa said back. Vannesa looked at her chloe dress and tights. Was she going to wild? Never mind that, her parents made her wear those tights to "cover up" because of the "last insedent". Gawd, parents can be soooo abnoxious. Vannesa twirled her straightened hair and walked through the spinning doors that she loved. 
"Hello Miss. Carlos. We have been expecting you," the reseptionest told me in a "miss goody two shoes" voice. She was sick of those people. 
"Oh, hello! Where should i put my stuff?" 
Vannessa asked her. 
"Oh, Harry, the doorman, will take it. You may go to the dinning room, thats where all of the girls are. And by the way, looooove the tights."
"Thanks." By this time, Vannessa could tell this year would be loooong.
this bio is kinda short, sorry. but, i will make them longer. i really would love this part!
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