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--> Camilla Fox
--> 22 
--> employee 
--> With mile long legs and a gorgeous face to go along with, Camilla is the girl every boy wants to date and every girl loves to hate. Given the chance, Camilla would choose to be ugly and in love instead of pretty and lonely. She considers her beauty a curse and considering the number of guys that have hurt her in her past, it is easy to see why she thinks so. In the fast pace of the fashion industry it is becoming hard to find a man who isn't gay or just looking for fun, but Camilla loves this world. She came from a broken family and now she won't even take a glance at anything that isn't designer. But how does she afford the brand names? Using the only resource she has of course, her looks. Camilla may not be in love with any of the guys she dates but she keeps dating them because they spoil her with gifts. Wanting to break out of the pattern that she is stuck in, Camilla sought out a job at the high end boutique, Minuit. She'll have to make it to the top if she wants to keep the lifestyle she is accustom to and hopefully a job here will teach her to go with her heart and not rely on the amex in her latest boyfriends wallet.
--> suggested model: alessandra ambrosio

1) Camilla Fox
2) Bel Honig
3) Vivianne Lesayzie
"Hey Cammie. I have another present!" Josh said as he kissed my cheek and placed a fmilsy slip of paper in my hand. I glanced at it before hugging him. It was a check for $2,000. "Go buy yourself a few dresses," he said smiling. "Th-thanks," I said, giving him another big hug. I felt giddy and guilty at the same time. Giddy because, well hello-free money. But guilty because I knew I was only going out with Josh because of his bank account. Not that he wasn't a good kisser or good in bed, but there wasn't any love flowing into the relationship from my side. "Hey, I have to go meet up with a friend. I'll take to you later, babe!" I said quickly, running away in my heels as quick as possible.

I didn't really have anyone to meet, but I couldn't stand being next to him any longer. Guilt was taking over and I was sure I might start crying. Tears started forming in my eyes, but stopped abruptly once I passed one of my favoite boutiques, Minuit. There was a light beige colored sign hanging by some tape on the window from the inside. It read 'Looking for hardworking employee. High-paying job with great benefits!'. If I were to get that job, I wouldn't have to rely on boyfriends for designer clothes. I wiped my eyes, flipped my hair, rolled back my shoulders, and walked in hoping for a new start.
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