Riana Copeland
-The one who eats men for breakfast, lunch and dinner
Age: 20
Riana in one word is a sl*t. Boys flock to her and no one ever understands why. She gives boys want they want and they always come back for more. She’s dated almost every famous actor you can imagine and has been responsible for breaking up more than a few marriages with her sexual exploits. The paparazzi follow her everywhere so goes and her love for getting attention and causing drama have made her into a superstar. And its no wonder she’s at top model status she f*cked her way there. She dresses to show off what her momma’ gave her, ensuring that she’s never overlooked. 
Status: Screwing everyone
Looks: Sienna Miller


I woke suddenly from a bad dream; I rubbed my eyes looking around the room, where the fu.ck was I? I definitely had not been here before I thought to myself. 

Plucking up the courage I looked over at the guy asleep next to me… hmmm impressive I thought. I scuttered across the room applying some make up and came across an expensive looking Armani shirt, why not I thought and slipped it on over my naked body. 
“Morning gorgeous…you best not be leaving me” I turned around to see a pair of gorgeous brown eyes staring back at me. 
“Work calls I’m afraid” I replied 
“On a Saturday??” he was right, today was my day off, but I couldn’t think of anything more awkward than spending the day with a random stranger I must have fuck.ed without even knowing his name! “
Afraid so, don’t mind me taking this shirt I hope?” I gave him the look I knew he wouldn’t resist “
Course not baby, just means you have to come back” that’s what he thought “
Sure! Here take my card” I passed it over to him “Must dash!” I put on my hotpants and killer louboutin heels and walked out of the room 
“I’ll call you!” he shouted after me…. No doubt you will, shame it’s the wrong number I thought putting on my oversized Gucci sunglasses smirking to myself, I caught the glimpse of today’s paper and caught my name on the headline… scandal, I like it, must have been a good night!
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