Ok so the other set I made last time was all messed up. this is my other one. sorry for causing trouble. This is the one is the one you can count me in for. 
-Why should you be chosen to play this character?
Well for one thing, we both ove the same interrests. We dress pretty much the same, like the same music( I like a little bit of country too!), are aware and love helping, love writing stories/ journalisum , and most importantly, being who we are---
-Are you in any other roleplays? If so, which ones?
No, not currently, but i do have many roleplay skills. I'm currently trying out for Paris Interns, btw :)
-Are you willing to be committed to Big Apple Interns?
Yes, yes of course!!! I'll try to attend EVERYTHING. Because getting this role means lots to me.
-Do you feel you can stay true the character as written?
:) Yes. She's practaclly me, and you can see. 
-What internship would you like to have?
Idk know yet.. a journalisum intership of any kind.
-What model are you going to use (if you choose to use one)?
Louise Ebel/ look alike of Louise Ebel :)
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