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name: Yumi Takeda
description: She's semi-popular, and she couldn't be more satisfied. Fortunately for the rest of the girls, she doesn't take advantage of her b-list status. Yumi couldn't be more sweet, and its this, along with her striking beauty, that allowed her to be a Cool Asian. She's not 100% good girl, though; introduce her to a bottle of vodka, and the party is on.
model: Liu Wen
taken by: open

1) yumi takeda
2) pepper brisby
3) coco forbes
jsyk ahead of time, my tryout stories suck...majorly. haha. so expect better if i get accepted!

I rolled my eyes as another man in a black suit made a comment about politics. My head was about to explode. I was tired of the little dinners my family put on. Boring men and their trophy wives always came. I has to listen to them ramble on and on when I could be at a party having fun. It was torture. "Daddy," I whined. "Can I go over to Aimi's yet? I'm not doing anything here!" I brushed a curled strand of hair out of my face. "Yumi, you are part of the family and I really wish you would enjoy it more. But fine, go and have fun. We'll see you at 12 and no later," he said. I groaned. Why did asian parents always have to be so traditional. They thought midnight was late when some of the other girls at my school were out until 5 or 6 in the morning!

I didn't even bother changing before leaving since that would mean I'd have to be in the house longer than needed. I dialed Aimi's number which I knew by heart and waited as the slow rings went by. "Hey Aimi, I'm on my way over to the party!" I said, happy to go anywhere. "You got out of the prison hold?" She asked, laughing. Her parents were cool and even left the house if she wanted to throw a party. My parents would never allow a party. "Fortunately, yeah. Are there people already there?" I pulled my shrug closer around my shoulders as the chilly air wooshed by. Her house was only a block or two away, so I always walked. "Of course. You know my parties!" "Yeah, I do. Well, see ya there!" I pushed end and kept walking in the cold night.

Told ya. That was probably one of my worst too. Which sucks because I really want to be a part of this roleplay. Oh yeah, I need to say why. I really love the whole idea(mean girls ftw) and the characters are amazing. I like all 3 of mine equally, but I did eenie-meanie-miney-mo to pick which I should make the set for! haha. But I just really love the mean girls theme and that's my main reason :)
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