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Serenity 'Sky' Cobain
☆ pulled from the papers desperate and hardened seeking a momentary fix a tragedy it seemed to be
Age: 19
Parents: Kurt Cobain + Courtney Love 
Job: Model and Psychology Student 
Bio: When Kurt and Courtney announced her pregnancy, everyone was shocked, thrilled and scared. Sky was born with tragedy in her veins; her father committed suicide early and left her with a lot of What - Ifs. Her mother, who turned to drugs, traveled around the world and left her daughter with a Nanny. Now, a nineteen year old college student, Sky still carries around the scars that her early childhood left. She doesn't trust anyone, doesn't get close to anyone and pushes everyone away from her, whatever it costs. She is terrified of ever having to feel left alone and wondering, why on earth somebody left her. Sky is the kind of girl to cry her heart out when she watches Tarzan and the one to keep a gun under her pillow. To Sky, there's definitely more than meets the eye. Think you know her? Never. There's more. Whoever she is, there's a lot to her, a lot more than on first sight. 
Model: Candice Swanepoel
Taken by: colormeamazing

"That's my Daddy over there!", I said proudly, pointing my finger at the guy on the stage. It looked like he was in pain, he was shaking and screaming and spinning around and yet it sounded and looked beautiful. He was great. Everyone though so, I could see the people jumping up and screaming and holding up huge pictures of him. "That's my Daddy!", I repeated, looking up at the man standing next to me. "See him? The one in the front? That's my Daddy! When he finishes this, we will go home and eat ice cream and he'll play with me! See him?"
"Yeah, Sky, I can see him", he replied, smiling at me.
"He promised me, you know? Daddy keeps his promises because he loves me. He tells me everyday. Does your Daddy tell you everyday that he loves you? Mine does!" 
"That's cute"
"Did you know that he loves me?"
"Of course he does, Sweetheart. And see, he's coming"
I turned around quickly and true, I saw my Daddy walking to us. 
"DAAADDY!", I screamed and ran to him. He leaned down, picked me up and threw me in the air, quickly catching me again and planting a kiss on my hair. 
"Did you have fun, princess?"
"Yes, you were great!"
"Well, glad you liked it."
"Are we going now?"
"Home! You promised we'd watch a movie, daddy!"
"Oh." I knew that Oh. I wiggled around in his arms until he put me down and sat down next to me on the floor. "I'm sorry, princess, I can't."
"But you promised", I pouted even though I knew that it wasn't going to help. When Daddy couldn't, he couldn't. 
"I know, baby, I know. Oh, look, here's Mommy!", he said, smiling. I didn't want Mommy. I wanted him. Daddy stood up and smiled at mommy, then he kissed her on the lips. 
"Hey, babe"
"Hey. Great performance."
"Are you high?"
"Hey, peace out. You are constantly high, why can't I?"
"Because you friggin have to take her home today, I'm busy."
"Busy busy busy! You are ALWAYS busy. Like I am not busy. Know what? I'm busy too! Take care of her."
"Spare me! Fuck, you're such a failure!"
She laughed. "Coming from the one who introduced me to the drugs!" 
He didn't listen to her, he had already turned around and was walking away. "YEAH! WALK AWAY! LIKE USUAL!", she screamed after him. I flinched. She looked at me, her expression softening a bit.
"Hey, baby. Wanna go on a trip?"

"Serenity Cobain?"
I looked up at the guy talking. "Yes?"
"You are Serenity Cobain?"
"No, I'm the Easter bunny", I replied sarcastically. 
"Serenity!", interrupted the teacher while the rest laughed. 
"Yes, I'm Serenity Cobain. You are?"
"I'm from the Las Vegas Police Department."
I froze. Maybe this was it. Her luck had gotten to an end and she was gone. I nodded, didn't trust my own voice, got up and walked to him. I heard the class mumble but I didn't care or at least I didn't show. I followed him outside the class, closed the door behind me and waited. "Yes?"
"Your mother was in an accident. ", he said. Oh God. Ohgod. I felt like the world started spinning around. Who was shaking the friggin earth? "She's alive", he added quickly. Oh. The earth stopped shaking. I breathed out, composing myself again. I looked at the guy. He was a new one. I had never seen him before. He was obviously scared as hell and not used to this, he was shifting uncomfortably from one foot to the other, slightly blushing and he didn't look at me. I smirked. This was fun. 
"Again?", I replied Now it was his turn to stare which made me grin. Almost.
"I wouldn't know, I'm new"
"Well. Since we're going to see each other quite often, I'll tell you how it goes. My mom gets drunk and goes on one of her trips. She crashes the car and ends up in the hospital. She stays there, regrets everything and gives me one of the typical 'I'm a changed woman' – speeches and begs me to forgive her. I forgive her and the moment she's outside the hospital, she gets drunk, goes on one of her trips, crashes the car, ends up in the hospital and so on. See? That's what you call Circle of Life. And maybe drug addiction and alcoholism."
The look on his face was priceless. I chuckled. "Come on, we have to get to the hospital. I'm Serenity, your new favorite person."

Maybe I should stop trying to give people a freakshow on the street and only carry what I actually can carry without threating the safety of innocent people. I pushed the door to the café with my side open and entered. Without looking around I rushed to my usual table and dropped everything on it. 
"Mission Impossible?"
I turned around to face the familiar Italien accent. "You know, carrying a bigger bag might solve your problem", he added. I rolled my eyes and sat down, already focusing on the stuff in front me, organizing everything according to my thoughts. 
"How are you, Sky?"
I didn't look up. "Peachy. You?"
He didn't answer, instead he sat down on the other chair and waited. God.
I looked up. "You win."
"I always do. So, how are you?"
I leaned back and looked at the man. Unbelievable. Why did I have a talent for picking out the weirdest, strangest people in the world? Las Vegas was huge. Why him? I sighed. "There's a Nirvana exhibition in Seattle. Nirvana: Taking Punk To The Masses."
The look on his face said it all. Ouw, shit. I didn't want this. "Hey, bambina", he said slowly. He reached over the table to take my hand but I leaned back again, signalizing that I didn't want this. He understood so he leaned back to and looked at me. He opened his mouth to say something, but I cut him off. 
"The usual, please", I said, focusing on the papers in front of me again. I could feel him, he wanted to talk, but then he just stood up. I saw his shoes walking to me and then he gave me a light kiss on the hair, whispered "May God stay with you, bambina" and then walked away. Once I was sure he wasn't close enough anymore I looked up and followed him with my gaze. He could pass as a child, from far away. He was short, chubby, roundish silhouette. Even at the age of sixtysomething he had the thickest hair possible. Guess stereotypes were right about hairy italiens. 
I tried to focus on the book I had to read for college but all I could think about was the exhibition. This was bullshit. I hated it. Why did they want to know anything? To say 'We've been there, We've done that'? To think about his life? What did they care about? Why did they care about it? He was another stranger to them. Just one random guy out of a million. But I knew better. I had heard his music. I had seen him perform. I'd seen him live and I knew the effect he had on people. Somehow he managed to touch them in a way that sometimes pissed me off. But mostly? Mostly it scared the hell out of me.

[The story is crap. I had too much to write and no idea what to write. Sorry. :/]
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