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→ name; timothy hunter samuels 
age; twenty-four
role (queen's court, queen's guard, etc.); citizen of the inner village
faceclaim; jake abel
→ personality; reserved, quiet, 
likes; books, learning new things, tea, his family, 
dislikes; fish, stupidity, rats
habits / quirks; runs his hands through his hair when he’s deep in thought, picks at his nails when he’s nervous, looks around when he is unsure about something
→ biography; 
the samuels lived in the inner villages and are well known throughout villages, it’s not every day a mother has twins. when the boys were eighteen their father had gotten ill and passed. a few of years later, their mother was engaged and already had another baby on the way. the brother live together in their own house while their mother moved in with their step-father and half-sister.

timothy samuels was the responsible one of the two. when the two boys were born, timothy learned how to do things quicker than his brother and that’s how it’s always been. timothy was more reserved and would much rather spend time inside reading or at the village’s book shop while his brother would keep himself busy with the ladies of the village. now, i don’t want you to think timothy never got anyone, a few girls would flirt with him, and he wouldn’t turn them down, he just wouldn’t do anything more than a first date. he’s just waiting for the right one.

- devin samuels (24), his twin brother
- melinda peterson (46), his mother
- harold samuels (50, deceased), his father
- sheldon peterson (48) his step-father
- kimberly-ann peterson (3), his half-sister 
extra; n/a
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