[Not an event story. but beware, the actual story is crap!]


 “You need to go find yourself a job Carmella.” I sighed as my grandmother started to nag me. “It means you’ll have more money to travel. And don’t say you have all the money you need, you can never need too much.” Rolling my eyes, I stood up and picked my bag up.
 “Fine. I’ll be back when I have a job.” I heard her chuckle as I left the house reluctantly, on a mission to find a job.

 “Sorry, but we don’t need anyone at the moment.” The woman looked apologetic. I gave her a wry smile.
 “It’s okay; it was nice to meet you.” I left the shop downheartedly. No one needed me. Sighing again, I made my way to the Starbucks across the road, in need of a strong coffee. 
Walking in, I was knocked to side by a man in a suit, his phone stuck to ear.
 “Sorry is the word you’re looking for.”He ignored me and I shook my head and began weaving through the customers. As I waited in the ridiculously long queue for my drink, an idea hit me. Seeing only 2 baristas on, they needed help and I was the perfect solution.
 “Who’s next?” I smiled up at the young girl who looked run off her feet.
 “Hi, can I have Grande light caramel frappucino with no whip cream please.” She nodded. “You look exhausted.” 
 “Believe me, I am. We’re down a member of staff and lunch is one of our busiest times.” I smiled at her.
 “I might just be able to help. I can make a mean coffee.” She looked at me strangely.
 “I don’t know.” I smiled.
 “Think of it as a trial. I'm a quick learner, I'm Italian so I’ve been drinking coffee since I could walk and I really need a job.” She sighed but pushed a green apron towards me.
 “Fine, what’s the harm in it. Come round here and I will show you the basics.” Nodding, I literally ran to the other side of the counter and quickly put on the apron.
 “I'm ready when you are.”

“So, do you think you know what you’re doing?” I nodded confidently. “Well then, here’s your guinea pig.” She pointed to a gorgeous guy walking in and I smiled.
 “Here it goes.” Standing at the counter, I waited for the guy to come up.
 “Can I have grande double espresso please?” I smiled.
 “Coming up.” He nodded and I got to work making the espresso. 

 Ten minutes later, the guy was still standing there and I was getting frustrated as I looked at all the coffee extras in front of me. I turned back to him, an apologetic smile on my face.
 “I am so sorry about this. I’ll be another couple of minutes.”
 “It’s no problem, I can see you’re a newbie.”
 “I didn’t want it to be obvious.” He shot me a gorgeous smile.
 “Well I won’t tell if you don’t.” I nodded.
 “That’s a deal…?” 
 “Matt. Matt Sinclair.” 
 “Nice to meet you Matt.” I turned back to the coffee I was in the middle of making and decided to throw anything in, hoping it was right.
 “Well here is your double espresso, I think.” He smiled and took a sip. He grimaced a little and I cringed. “I'm so sorry. If you want to complain, I’ll get the girl in charge for you.”
 “There’s no need. It’s fine, just a little strong.”
 “Are you sure, I can try to make you something I know, like a plain coffee or a frappucino or…” He cut me off.
 “Instead of another coffee, how about you let me take you out. You can make it up to me.” I blushed a little.
 “You don’t even know my name.”
 “Well then, what’s your name?” I was about to answer when Bridget, the girl who gave me the trial came out from the back.
 “Carmella, you can go on our break now.” I nodded and turned back to Matt.
 “I guess you don’t need me to tell you my name?” He shook his head.
 “No, I guess not. Carmella is a nice name.” blushing again, I took my green apron off.
 “Thank you.”
 “Fancy sitting down with me while I drink my…sort of espresso?” I laughed and nodded.
 “Sure and I'm sorry again, I am really crap at making coffee.” As we walked over to a free table, he held my chair out for me. I raised an eyebrow but sat down.
 “Are you English men all as charming as you?” He did a mock bow then took the seat opposite me.
 “No, just me.”
 “Well then, looks like I picked the right guy to sit down with.”
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