i can {barely} write something, guys!
not pictured: edith. but by now you know what she looks like.

teaser prologue, the mall food court, spring 2009, zionsville, indiana

“what do you mean you’re moving to los angeles?” jenna asked, bewildered.

“exactly that.” the anticipation for this moment was driving me crazy. i couldn’t wait to watch my soon-to-be-former-friends lose their sh*t. i was finally going to dump them. i was lucky i had some popcorn ready.

“but why? we were supposed to pledge together!” morgan was upset now. i had once again ruined something under her control.

i tried to suppress a laugh. evidently i wasn’t cut out of that part of the plan. but let’s be real, there was no way we were all going to join theta. morgan somehow thinks that being a sorority girl automatically means landing a husband. 

the other girls weren’t as amused. rebecca was trying to avoid eye contact while jenna maintained her glare.

“well, if you ever come back to visit, don’t expect us to welcome you with open arms,” said jenna.

stunned silence.

“excuse me?” i asked. this kind of rudeness was so unlike jenna. of my friends, she was the most well-liked and treated me the best.

i didn’t know how to react. i didn’t know why jenna would have responded that way. i slumped back on the bench and said nothing.

“you’re still taking me home, right edith?” asked rebecca after a long pause.

f*ck, i forgot i still owed her a ride.

thank god i only had to spend a few more weeks together with these b*tches.
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