Traditional Tea House Nakwon-gak RP:

Narrator's POV

Jiyoon was a nice and kind girl. 

Or not exactly. Jiyoon was sixteen years old and was teenager. And she behaved like a teenager. She hated world that didn't understand her; she hated her parents who left her for summer at grandparents' house, and hated the fact that grandmother didn't allowed her to go to beach party.

But there were someone she hated the most; her cousin Kiko. The reason for that was very simple: Kiko was adult and could do whatever she wanted. And in Jiyoon's opinion she wasn't using it fully.

Kiko's father , Jiyoon's uncle, married foreign woman and moved with her to Europe. Kiko as mixed person was gaining a lot of attention among Korean males, to Jiyoon's frustration.

The idea of spending whole summer with Kiko was killing Jiyoon; she knew she wasn't going to enjoy it. How could she, sharing a room with her biggest rival?

She sat on the back seat of her grandfather's car, with arms crossed on her chest and sulky expression. She refused to go on airport and welcome her cousin; after half an hour of waiting in the car she saw Kiko's skinny figure accompanied by grandpa; the both were smiling, and it made Jiyoon want to burry herself in leather seat so the two of them wouldn't see her.

"Hi!" Kiko waved to her while getting on the back seat next to her. "It feels so good to be back in Korea!" She lived with her parents in Europe, but her heart always was in the country of her grandparents.
'She's so stupid' Jiyoon thought. Much to her displeasure, Kiko proved her foolishness by opening the window and screaming loudly 'Welcome Korea!' and smiling at people passing by their car.

When they ride near Nakwon-gak, the traditional tea house, one of the customers who was sitting outside was interrupted by Kiko's loud behavior - you must know that Western people are much more louder than Korean *with exception of older Koreans; there's no one older than speaking ajumma*.
The boy, called Jong Suk, stopped reading his book and looked at the girl. He smirked before taking sip of his tea.
'This summer is going to be very interesting' he thought.

When Jiyoon and her family arrived at grandparent's house, the teenager was asked to help Kiko carry her luggage upstairs.
'Am I here servant?' Jiyoon thought furstrated.

"This is my half of the room, and this is yours. Don't cross this invisible line, unnie." Jiyoon draw a line in air with her finger.
"Oh, okay." Kiko was surprised by Jiyoon's rude tone. Last time she saw her she was a young girl. "I guess I should unpack."
"Do whatever you want, unnie." Jiyoon frowned and left the room.

When Kiko finsihed unpacking and refreshed herself with a shower, she walked downstairs to talk with her grandparents.
"I want to stay here longer." She said, playing with their black cat. "But my parents don't believe I'm mature enough to take care of myself alone."
"Hmmm. You can prove that to them." Grandma smiled while watering plants. "Would you mind working this summer?"
"Working? I think I can try."
"My friend is an owner of lovely tea house. I think if you work hard there you'll prove your parents you're grown girl now." She stroked Kiko's hair.
Jiyoon was forced to lead Kiko to the tea house. But she wasn't going to do it right away. She was in the middle of the conversation on facebook, and she decided that Kiko could wait.

Kiko sat on the top of stairs leading to their grandparents house, waiting for the teenager. She was sure Jiyoon would join her soon.

But minutes passed and the younger one hasn't appeared. 
Instead of that a group of people passed the house: handsome and well built male and three girls in short dresses.

Kiko ignored them - but they didn't ignore her. The girls pointed at her and whispered among them when the male approached her.
"Hi!" The male said. "You're new here?"
"You can say so. I'm Kiko, Jiyoon's cousin."
"Nice to meet you Kiko! I'm Nam Soon. The biggest hottie here" He smiled charmingly. Kiko rolled her eyes.
"Nam Soon, come on, we're waiting!" The girls shouted.

Nam Soon ignored them. "Tonight my friend is having a party. Wanna go there with me? I'll be here to take you there around 8, how about that?"
"No, thanks." Kiko refused.
"No?" Nam Soon raised his eyebrows in surprised. "Why?"
"Maybe because you're staring at my b.oobs instead of looking into my eyes." Kiko smirked and stood up. "Your girlfriends are waiting for you."

When they boy and his friends were walking away /he looked back few times, still disbelieving/ Jiyoon stood behind Kiko. She was mad, extremely mad. She had crush on Nam Soon since forever and now Kiko was hitting on him - or at least that was what Jiyoon saw.

In the middle of way to the tea house Kiko wasn't going to bare Jiyoon's sulky attitude and sarcastic answers to her attempts of starting a conversation.
"What's wrong?"
"It doesn't sound like nothing."
"Okay, it's you. From all guys you can have, why are you trying to /seduce/ Nam Soon with those big eyes of yours??"
Kiko couldn't prevent herself from short laughter. "Nam Soon, that j.erk?"
"Don't call him like that."
"Okay, Nam Soon, that hottie who is exactly not in my type? I'm not interested in him. And to be honest with you I'm not really experienced with boys."
"What?" Jiyoon was surprised.
"Don't believe in all stereotypes about Europeans." Kiko smiled. "You won't believe me how many times I was called 'ugly' ".

Kiko found a way to finally talk with Jiyoon, and interested her even if that meant speaking bad things about herself.
Kiko met Jueun, the owner of the tea house, and was accepted by her as new employee. Jiyoon had much fun watching Kiko trying to wear hanbok.

And she was going to use the opportunity to prank her cousin.

"See that river downhill? You have to go there and take water." She pushed into Kiko's hands old bucket.
"Really?" Kiko looked at her surpirsed.
"It's TRADITIONAL tea house, so yes." Jiyoon grinned. Kiko was naive enough to grab the bucket and start walking downhill, even though it wasn't easy for her while wearing hanbok.

When she reached the river she was sweaty and tired; it was a hot summer day. She looked around and not seeing anyone she took of the top of hanbok, exposing her pale shoulders and with wet hand she poured some water on her neck. It was nice to get chills from sudden touch of cold liquid. While she considered taking off more parts of her outfit to put her legs into cold water, she noticed with the corner of her eyes someone sitting on big rock behind her.

She turned around and started at him, angry that his presence spoiled the moment.
"Don't mind me." He said.

She kept staring at him. He was wearing hanbok too.
" at the tea house too?"
"No, I just like wearing hanbok." 
Kiko turned back to him and grabbed the top of her hanbok to put that back on. Then she grabbed the bucket filled with water and started climbing back.

"Hey, did I insulate you?"
"No, I just don't like talking with guys wearing hanbok." She said sarcastically.

"Sorry." He caught up with her. "I just don't like my part time job because they make me wear this."
Kiko reminded silent. The boy grabbed the bucket from her hands.
"Let me carry it." 
She let go of the bucket /because it was heavy as hell/.
"I'm Jong Suk, and I work at nearest palace as 'actor', you can call it that. We reenact historic scenes to entertain visitors."

Kiko liked the boy; he had nice voice and kept walking next to her, and looking at her - not at some part of her body. And she liked when people talked a lot.
"I'm Kiko." She said. Her accent sounded funny.
"Oh, are you a foreigner?" 
"My dad is Korean."
He smiled brightly. "Oh, we have a problem. This path is not wide enough for us two to fit."
"You go first, to scare all monsters waiting for us." She said. She followed him not to closely. His presence was making her heart skip a bit faster and she kept blushing.

Suddenly he slipped on stone and fought with his body to keep his balance and not to fall down. Kiko acted before thinking - she stretched her arms to grab him and help him. It happened that they were walking up the hill, and her hands were at the level of his b.utt. And that was the place where she grabbed him.

When he was finally standing still, he turned his head and smiled at her. "It's nice to know you like me that much."

Kiko turned red and crossed her arms. "Just keep climbing."

Okay, I have guests now so I can't write more;

my main characters are Kiko (23) [model: Kiko Mizuhara] and Jong Suk (24) [model: Lee Jong Suk];

I'll write more about them when I create collection, or just later.

Now off to enjoy time with my friends:)
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