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Pauline Imogen Roosevelt St. Forbes
Age: Thirty-Four
Hometown: Hyde Park, New York
Position: Guest
Relationship Status: Married to Darcy St. Forbes
- - - - - - 
Bio: Pauline grew up in the centre of Hyde Park, getting grass stains on her linen skirts and blowing away the seeds of what she called "Hallow Daffies", also known as Dandelions, that dotted the lawn. She spent the majority of her childhood outdoors, found on the small wooden swing on the Pine tree in the front lawn or hiding in her favourite crawlspace of the Great Oak. But as the years progressed, Pauline left the outside behind and began to grow up. She was set on living a normal life like a normal girl; cooking with mama or cleaning the house for daddy. 

But then, papa became president. And life got fabulous.

She slipped into frocks made of textures she'd never known how to pronounce. She squeezed her dainty feet into shoes that felt like she was walking on a cloud. People actually took pictures of her. /Her/ whenever she was caught exiting a little boutique in Washington. Pauline was the new "It-Girl" of DC and life was getting as sweet as the maple syrup on her pancakes. Money was no object anymore. She could rome freely in the public with escorts and cars. She was invited to the most amazing parties. Nothing could get better. Until it did. 

Pauline met Darcy St. Forbes at a Charity Dinner. He was wearing a midnight black tuxedo and a sporting navy bow tie. He was a dapper young man who derived of old money and he wasn't to hard on the eyes either. Pauline's mama and Darcy's mother had arranged for the two to meet and hopefully, betroth. They made awkward conversation, their cheeks blooming with colour as they twirled around the perimeter of the Dance Hall. It was only until they snuck out and hid in the Oval Office did Pauline realize that Darcy was something else. The next three years passed in a romantic blur and everything was as papa said foolishly, "Honky-Dory". It was the night of Darcy's wedding proposal that Pauline heard her father talking in his office. It was about World War II. 

Days or tears, sobbing and kisses followed once Darcy had been demanded to join the army. There was no doubt he wouldn't, with his uniform body and regal surname. With her parents busy with their defence mechanisms, and her husband shipped to Germany, she was left in the slimy hands of Uncle Hall...
- - - - - -
Murder Committed: Pauline murdered her uncle, Hall Roosevelt after he had sexually abused her when Darcy was out at war. He died in at forty-seven when she drove a silver letter opener through the side of his neck during an assault. She hid the weapon in a handmaiden's apron, sentencing her to prison for life. Pauline didn't care, as long as it wasn't her. Hall was declared dead the following day but by then, Pauline was long gone.

Model: Behati Prinsloo
- - - - - -

1). When you recieved an invitation to Soldier Island, what did it say?
— 'Dear Madame St. Forbes
This letter is for your eyes and your eyes only. Your husband, Darcy is awaiting you at Soldier Island. He was found off the coast of Poland in a tremendous ship wreck and was nursed to help back at our headquarters. You mustn't speak to anyone about this, for the punishment could be death of your betrothed if the Army is to find out. Darcy awaits your arrival.' 
2). What really made you decide to visit?
—I really needed time to get away from it all, especially away from the grasp of Uncle Hall. If anyone can protect me from my nightmares, it's Darcy.
3). Have you ever been involved with any crime?
—None. I've been raised a proper woman who eats her vegetables and cares for her beloved. Why? Did anyone ask?
4). Define justice in your own words
—Justice is when the guilty suffer the consequences and are treated to penalty.

1). Have you ever read the novel or seen the movie ?
—No, but I guess that's what makes things more exciting.

2). Can you be active, and dedicate time?
—I am almost every day of the week. I'll inform you if anything happens otherwise.

3).Any ideas for the roleplay?
-—Perhaps there can be more than one culprit behind the murders? Or, (here's a longshot) they could all end up being the murderers, in some ungodly way. Sorry I'm drawing a blank.
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