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    Photo portfolio of Jeremy Cram on 500px. Here's a shot from my recent trip to Glacier National Park with my buddy Brian Kibbons. This shot has been on my mind for years now, and very elusive for me. It seems like everytime I'm out shooting wildflowers I see all these beauitful cornlillies everywhere, but they all are well past prime. If I had more time I would just go out earlier and shoot them specifically, but the allure of the epic wildflower scene seems to be what drive my ambitions. Well anyway, I was early at Glacier and found a bunch of really great cornlillies above Lunch creek. This is just a quick process of one shot of the gigs of shots I got of these beautiful plants. I'll have to dole them out slowly so I can have some to process for years, since I doubt I'll hit them in their prime for a while. Thanks for looking!
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    Ландыш майский (лат. Convallária majális) — единственный вид рода  Ландыш семейства Лилейные. Новейшая классификация APG II включает этот род в семейство Иглицевые (Ruscaceae  M.Roem.). Родовое название дано Линнеем по латинскому — Lilium convallium, что означает лилия долин. Английское название — Lily of the Valley (или Lily-of-the-Valley) — калька с латинского. Другие русские названия: ландышки, сорочка, молодило, молодильник, виновник
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