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  • Andreas Rocha
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    Andreas Rocha is a freelance concept artist and matte painter currently working from Lisbon, Portugal. Andreas has created illustrations for clients such as Lego, Krypton Photo, Sci-fi Channel, B-Reel, Roar Publishing, Imagine Publishing, Lifeblood Games as well as others.
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    Free Stock Photo by Khaki, Categories: Paper & Books, Keywords: book,bookstore,business,college,data,education,graduation,heap,information,learn,library,literary,literature,medium,nobody,objects,pile,read,readings,school,stack,study,studying,supplies,textbooks,
  • Dream Animals A Bedtime Journey
    Available in: NOOK Book (eBook), Hardcover. Ideal for bed time reading, this book will appeal to parents and children who love Grandfather Twilight and On the Night That You Were Born. Author, illustrator, and creator of The Black Apple Etsy sh
    • Elements3
    • LaFemme: Elements5
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    • DOLLYCHOPS | Doll Parts
  • Parchment Books
    For Sale on 1stdibs - * Each book is unique * Made by local artisan * Books are novels or biographies written in English text * Old/existing books rebound using hand made parchment
  • Pink flower on book (Retro Still Life Photography) Art Print
    Art Prints. ancient, antique, art, background, beige, book, cover, cream, dirty, history, library, light, literary, literature, old, old-fashioned, open, pages, paper, retro, revival, shabby, text, vintage, white, literary, literature, stories, child, childhood, magic, pink, pages, focus, pastel, dr…
    • B-3-A-C-H
    • Restart My Heart
    • Black and White Flower Espresso Cups
    • A perfect room / and here is the perfect china for my coffee in the morning, works wonderfully with the colours in my new loved bedroom
  • Books With Style The Little Dictionary Of Fashion - No Color
    Christian Dior reveals the secrets of style in this handbook that covers everything from what to wear to a wedding and how to tie a scarf to how to walk with grace. Dior's expertise ensures every girl will know the three fundamentals of fashion: simplicity, grooming, and good taste. Illustrated with photographs and drawings, this classic is the perfect gift for stylish women. Imported, China. By Christian Dior. Hardcover. 128 pages. Imprint: Abrams. ISBN: 978 0 8109 9461 4 Measurements Width: 7.25in / 18.5cm Height: 5.5in / 14cm. Available sizes: One Size
  • French Collections The Gathering of Old Things
    Do you have a favorite thing to collect? My daughter use to collect pigs until one day she said, "I liked pigs but now look? Everyone gives me pigs." I like to collect soft silk ribbons, and portrait pins. I am not a girly girl. But I do like the look of girly girl things in tiny doses. Old papers. Handwriting. Monograms. Rosary beads that are worn from prayer. I like to collect things that their story is written on them: Things that were used loving and kept. Broken fragments elements. Like dreams that remain no matter how hard life has been. Courage to hang on when the fire sang a soothing song. Books with engravings. Books with ruffled pages. Books that have titles such as: Devotions of the Heart. Books that someone has signed their name in the inside cover. I don't need anymore books... but still I cannot help myself. And then there are frames. Empty frames are a favorite. Ones where I can layer other empty frames together. Holding space. Holding the possibility. Eighteen century shoe buckles. Do you collect something odd? Bubble gum wrappers, old movie snubs, broken glass, baby teeth. I have a snip of my Father's hair. I cut a bit of it before he died. Touching it... well it is him... a physical part of him. I understand mourning art. Isn't that what collections are? Tender engravings. Gilded flowers. Muted colors. Century old things that speak the same message for today. History. Fragments show me that imperfections are beautiful, that beauty isn't always perfection and having a purpose. Seashells. White on white. When I listen I can hear a deep sea of silence, and the silence is profound, memories roll in and out, connecting pass to present and present to past. Silk bows for children's shoes. A mother's hand, late at night as the children slept; Folding and sewing the bows to the tiny buckles. Attaching them to her daughter's shoes. And while she did she smiled. A stone urn holds old books instead of flowers. We can do it differently and its okay. A bookshelf doesn't have to be a straight line. A pair of angels helping one another. They are missing their feet. They are holding a humming bird. Did you ever see the movie the SONG CATCHER... the collection of song? See a clip of it here....the songcatcher What...
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  • Romantic Dexter Yarn Company 1917-1920 Crochet Pattern Books
    When our great grandfather 3rd and 4th removed founded Dexter Yarn Company in Pawtucket, RI in 1820, I wonder if he ever imagined that the premiere company that he founded would still be in his family for 107 years...until 1927? The Dexter legacy was built on quality products, and later quality crochet pattern books that were romantic and feminine. The crochet patterns are for advanced crocheter's, as when these were first published between 19171920, the ladies of the e
  • The Wild Cat
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    • Duex A La Mode
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  • tubes accessoires trouves sur le net - Page 2
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  • Set of 12 Diderot French Country Vintage Unbound Books
    An evocative sense of place and time is created instantly with the addition of these decorative vintage, unbound books. Reminiscent of antique manuscripts, this set of 12 will add mystery and beauty to any collection or library. 9-14 inches high x 4-6 inches wide x 12-15 inches deep. Constructed from paper and string. Antique finish. Sold as a set of 12.
  • Tube Book Scroll Letter Pag 2
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    • Minnie's Birthday Goodies - Cluster Frames
    • Grasslands Road Just Desserts Cupcake Pedestal Candy Jars Three Styles, Set Of 3
    • Royal Doulton - Archive Collectable Teas - Rose Teacup & Saucer
  • Davenport Library Info Cafe » Newspaper Survey
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