Hey everyone!
Here are some helpful tips that I've come up with and learned that will help you gain followers and maintain a quality blog on tumblr!
A little bit about me and my blog:)
-I began REALLY blogging back in about October, and got even more into it around December.
-I have over 1k followers, and that has taken me a while to bring up.
-my blog is h-appy-ness.tumblr.com and my personal is st4rred.tumblr.com if you want to check them out:)

Here are the tips!

01// Find your blog style, one that suits you and you really like. Make sure you stick with it for the main part, because that's the best way to gain followers.

02// Be passionate about your blog. Reblog things YOU like, and your followers will notice that you really seem to love what you're doing, and then you'll gain more followers this way.

03// Reblog often. This is definitely key. Try to get on everyday, and if you can't, put stuff in your queue to publish later so that your blog will still be regularly posted on. Personally, I unfollow people who haven't been active for a while (over a week or so), and I know many others do as well.

04// Keep your dashboard nice and clean, full of posts that you can reblog. There's no point in having a bunch of promos and photos that aren't your style clogging up your dash. Find blogs that you actually reblog from and keep them on there, but you can unfollow the ones that aren't your style. It's fine to have a couple blogs that just give you a laugh once in a while, I do that too:)

05// Do promos! (but not too many) If you guys aren't familiar with these, they're basically when someone with lots of followers will say "first 10 to reblog" or "first 20 to like". You usually have to be following someone (they'll say it in the post), and then they'll either promote everyone or pick a couple people to solo promote. But if you reblog too many promos, people will get annoyed and might unfollow you.

06// Delete promos after you know they've been completed. You can tell by clicking on the link of the post, then if it says the post is "not found" then you know the person has taken it down. This is an easy way to keep your blog clean.

07// Vote for people! When people are up for BOTW (blog of the week) or BOTM, they'll often ask followers to vote for them and offer promos, rates, or even screenshots in return. Just message them the number of your vote, and it's an easy way to get promoted and potentially gain followers!

08// Ask people to check out your blog if they have the same style blog as you. They usually will, and if they like your blog, will follow you.

09// Read FAQs! This is super important! Frequently Asked Questions are there for a reason, and it usually pisses people off when you ask them questions that are already on there!

10// Make sure your url is simple and sweet. It really helps your blog to have an interesting url, not something like omgharrystylesissohot1395, but not something like 93d3ds either. Make it unique, but sticking to your style as well, and it will help you!

11// Have a theme that fits your blog and is visually pleasing. This just brings your blog to a whole new level. My favorite themes are those by modernise. (modernisethemes.tumblr.com), because they are simple and elegant. blinkanditsover also has great themes as well, but they're paid. 

12// Talk to people. Who knows, you might be able to make some good friends on tumblr, and you guys can help each other out.

13// Don't always ask for things. People will get annoyed if you ask them for promos, and to check out your blog constantly. Make sure to give everyone some space.

14// Don't get easily frustrated if you don't gain followers! I've been stuck in plenty of ruts, and I promise you, you'll be able to get out of them if you follow all these tips.

15// Be NICE. This is probably the most important thing to do, because no one likes someone who is mean and rude to their followers. People will definitely unfollow you and block you if you are.

16// Ignore hate. Some people will get it anonymously, and if it really bothers you, turn off anonymous. These are hard to deal with, but just remember not to be afraid by someone hiding behind the anonymous mask.

17// Promo games! Some people will host these (people with tons of followers), where followers will try to guess something, whether it's a birthday or the color of their sweatshirt. They're fun, and if you win, you'll get a promo!

That's it! I hope these tips will help you guys, and good luck on your tumblring!
Feel free to ask me any questions if they weren't answered ♥
♥ stella
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