Lyrics from the song Total Eclipse of the Heart performed by artist Bonnie Tyler

ECLIPSE - [Middle English, from Old French, from Latin eclīpsis, from Greek ekleipsis, from ekleipein, to fail to appear, suffer an eclipse]

1. The partial or complete obscuring, relative to a designated observer, of one celestial body by another.

2. A temporary or permanent dimming or cutting off of light..

3. A fall into obscurity or disuse; a decline.

4. A disgraceful or humiliating end; a downfall. 

John Milton, in Paradise Lost, wrote these lines

 As when the Sun, new risen,
 Looks through the horizontal misty air,
 Shorn of his beams, or from behind the Moon,
 In dim eclipse, disastrous twilight sheds
 On half the nations and with fear of change
 Perplexes monarchs
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