i was tagged by @emmaberry to do this survey ... thanks sweetie for the tag ... 
so, here i go: 

1. Are you a morning grouch? sometimes
2. Which film makes you happy? Just Go With It, Grown Ups .. a lot of comedy movies 
3. Which film makes you cry? no tears on films :))
4. When was the last time you roared with laughter? Don't remember.
5. What was your worst hairstyle? 3-4 years ago, when i cut it short :/ (biggest mistake)
6. A trait you got from your mother? little things from her character , the kindness :)
7. A trait you got from your father? a lot of his character :)) .. and i think eyes ... :)
8. Next to which celebrity would you like to sit during a long-distance flight? Bruno Mars ( we ll have a lot of fun) or Chris brown ;)
9. Where to would you like to emigrate? New York!
10. Sweating or freezing? sweating :))
11. You get the chance to take a glimpse of the future. Do you dare to look at it? yeahh
12. How would you have named yourself? I love my name or it s that i m used to it :))
13. Do you think one can learn from mistakes one made? i always learn from my mistakes .. so i guess yeah
14. Is your favorite piece of clothing the most expensive one you've got? leather jacket ♥
15. Utopia or realism? Realism.
16. What would you consider worse: being blind or being deaf? Both are bad, but i think blind is worse ... but then deaf without music... dont know :/
17. How many people you know from kindergarten are you still friends with? i ve never been at the kindergarten :))
18. Historical drama or science fiction? Depends.
19. Europe or America? America
20. Poetry or prose? Prose.
21. Do you wish you were born in another time? Sometimes yeah
22. If yes, which time? it s different wishes of time :))
23. Is it fun to sometimes observe others? Yeah
24. Why? it's like research :))
25. What do you think of this survey? good one , i like it :)

so now i tag: @elenasmile @starvemywaythru @dress-like-a-queen @i-do-have-a-ch0ice-fash10n and @are-you-with-me ,,, if u don't do tags just dismiss it :* :* .. but if u do, don't forget to tag me to read your answers ♥
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Wrote 5 years ago
bahahhahaha @missfashionista9 lol .... it wasn t lame.. it was pretty good :D :D :D thanksss

Wrote 5 years ago
this is so "fly" ;) get it? :D... that was lame but anyway cool outfit :')

Wrote 5 years ago
@marinija995 @ruthayalarcon @payton92 @kirakay thanks sweeties

Wrote 5 years ago
Looks great!



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