Why'd you laugh, when I know that you hurt inside? And why'd you say it's just another day, nothing in my way? I don't wanna go, I don't wanna stay, so there's nothing left to say? When you wanna die, when you hurt inside, don't know what you'd lie for anyway. Now there's nothing left to say.
Nothing in My Way//Keane

I stayed up until 4 last night reading fanfics about Hetalia and Romano. 
Have I REALLY turned into one of those people? One of those people who is obsessed with anime and reads fanfics all the time?
Please, tell me I'm not. It's just because I have nothing to do over break and I'm reviving my love for Hetalia. It all started with those really good drabbles I read on Quizilla... -.-
Rachel should be here in a few minutes, so I shall get to the point.
Little darling, 
Eyes aglow, 
A smile sparkles there. 
Gold is curling, 
Watch it flow 
As long and wavy hair. 

Little angel Innocent heart, 
Trusting all she hears. 
Tiny tangle, 
Giggles start, 
For now there are no tears.
By Kendra (aka @vivus)

Silence resounded in the car. Nothing could be heard except the hurried hushes of all of our worried thoughts. I looked over at Naomi, who only stared blankly out the window. "Why isn't anyone talking?" I thought. This should've been a happy car ride home. 
"Evie, make sure you do your science homework when you get home, okay?" my mother asked. Her normally cheerful voice was strained and could barely make it above a whisper. Naomi, upon hearing this, only clasped her hands even tighter and focused solely on the passing trees and roads that passed her by. We pulled up into our driveway, and as I stepped out, I responded, "Sorry, Mom, but there's something me and Naomi gotta do."
"Naomi and I, dear. It's not 'me and Naomi'" my dad casually replied. I took her hand and led her around the house to the abandoned field in the back. Her face registered recognition of the field, but the rest of her face said, "What the hell are we doing?"
"Sorry, Mister English professor," I called over my shoulder. Once they were out of earshot, Naomi whispered, "Evie, I've always known you were a bit weird, but seriously, what the hell are we doing? Shouldn't I be in there with Mom and Dad?"
"Well, that can totally wait while you have a little fun, can't it?" Adrenaline and nervousness coursed through my bloodstream. Would she be okay with this? We finally came around the house, where all of her friends jumped out of hiding.
"SURPRISE, NAOMI! WELCOME BACK FROM THE HOSPITAL!" They all ran and hugged her tightly, as the summer breeze tickled their bare arms. Her face lit up in happiness and surprise, as she got smothered by the heat of so many human bodies.
"Whoa, whoa, guys, I can't believe you're here! Oh my gosh, I'm so fucking glad to see you guys! Why are you here, though?" she asked, with a huge, genuine smile on her face. "Not that I don't want you here-quite the opposite-but I'm a little confused!"
Nick, her best friend, said, "Evie brought us here, of course! When we heard that they were letting you out and that you were in remission-" 
"We all just had to get here to see you, Naomi!" Cassie, her other friend, interrupted. Nick glared at Cassie as she grinned at him.
"Well, it's nice to see that nothing's changed-Nick and Cassie, you two still hate each other? You can't even pull it together for my sake?" she laughed, as the chorus of voices started getting louder, all trying to talk to Naomi. Happy chatters came from the group, and she glistened in the light of her elation. All I had wanted was to see that pearly smile on her face again, and now it made a new light of its own. Finally, I decided that it was time.
"Hey, guys, remember what we planned to do? You guys ready?" Naomi looked around, completely baffled, while earnest shone in each of our eyes. Nick and Cassie took her hands, while everyone else linked hands with each other. I joined in at the end, and shouted, "Let's do this!"
We all took off running, the wind soaring by us, clothes fluttering in the wind, hands warmed by everyone's heat and closeness, and as laughs and smiles filled the air, I took a look at her. Her silky golden hair, the same color as a buttercup, floated behind her, having finally grown back long enough so that she didn't need a wig, and her rosy lips was open as her giggles poured out between them. Her legs pumped as everyone finally reached our destination: the tents we set up at the end of the field. We all released our hands, exhilarated from the fuel of laughter, exhausted from our run. 
"Naomi, I know you love camping more than anything, so I asked Mom and Dad if we could-" I was cut off as she hugged me, tightly. Hesitantly, I hugged her back, and put my cheek in her soft hair. 
"Evie, this is great. Thank you so, so much. I'm so glad that I have a sister like you, even if you annoy the fuck out of me at times and even when you hog the bathroom in the morning and steal my books and-" her speech was cut off by something that sounded like a sob. 
I looked down, and saw little tiny watery orbs in her eyes. "No tears for today, Naomi, just laugh."
She hugged even tighter. 
A clatter sounded a few feet away, as Nick had dropped some of the poles for the tents and chased after Cassie for some stupid stunt she pulled on him. "Cassie, dammit, you are so fucking dead!" he said, as they ran through the grass and trees. "Here we go again... for the thousandth time," she said, as she ran for them.
I looked at the three figures in the distance, as they all put their arms around each other, laughing. "I guess happiness comes in all shapes and forms, little or small," I thought, as I leaned against a tree. The wind gathered our giggles and spread them all throughout the forest and the field, enriching everything it touched with a tint of joy.
Crap, this short story barely has any plot :/
But now I have to go prepare for Rachel to come over, so adios.
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i love this...lovely pictures & colors!

Wrote 5 years ago
i love that song!

Wrote 5 years ago
Gosh, @hiroki, I'm one of the mods!
Do you think I /haven't/ read this piece of pure genius? D:
And my activity page isn't so cluttered that I can't see everything.

Wrote 5 years ago
@lost-in-senseless-dreams PSH.
I wanted to be a blonde for a long time.
I've always wanted to be Caucasian ~
THe grim reaper story sounds so cool :3
I hope you and your friend write it soon.
Hmm, I don't know any dark haired or brunette Naomi's ;p
though I guess she would have like, black hair/ brown hair right~
unless she bleached it.
anyways @kaitlintheowl SHOULD READ THIS STORY



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