What you need:
-a tee shirt
-straight pins (look in your mom's sewing kit)
-beads (optional)

1. Decide how long you want your fringe to be. Remember, the longer your fringe is, the more of your stomach will be visible. Once you've decided on your length, use a ruler to measure this length straight up from the bottom of the tee shirt. Mark with a pin. Continue this at intervals all the way around the shirt.

2. Now that you have that marked out, you can start to cut. Cut straight up. If you think you'll have troubles freestyling it, mark where you want to cut using the ruler and a pencil. Cut fringe all the way around the bottom of the shirt.

3. If you want, you can add beads. String beads along a fringe, then tie a knot at the bottom to secure. Repeat this for every fringe, or maybe for every other fringe. You can string the beads in a pattern (blue-blue-yellow-green-yellow-blue-blue for example) or just do it randomly.

4. Voila. Your new top will look great with high-waisted shorts, and gladiator sandals.

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