tv shows to download

i am poor and dvds are expensive don't judge me


Wrote three years ago
Love Primeval and Flashpoint! :D

Wrote three years ago
Oh, okay. I think I saw an advertisement for that a while back. Thanks! :)

Wrote three years ago
@faeriesandmist thank you!
primeval is a show about these rifts in time and dinosaurs (among other things) come through them and there is this team studying the rifts and making sure the creatures get back to their own time/make them not destroy things and it's perf, i love it c:
you can watch it here (gorillavid, vidxden, putlocker and sockshare are great to watch with on there)

Wrote three years ago
Also, Band of Brothers and The Pacific are just... gah! I loved them. I watched them with my dad.

Wrote three years ago
omg. Glee... and Vamp Diaries... and House and Bones.... this collection is just fabulous. I love Merlin as well. What's Primeval? It sounds interesting. Is it any good?

Wrote three years ago
that sucks ):
my dash has like fandom stuff (mainly dw, spn and tw but like there is a fair few others too) and hipster i guess (thats what thy call people who reblog pictures isnt it) and bands/singers
that does seem funny c:

Wrote three years ago
haha my parents won't let me watch it
most of my tumblr dash is doctor who and what not
it airs at 8:30pm on i think on wednsedays or thursdays. right after one of my favourite home reno shows
i don't know why he is. i just find it kind of funny because of what i've seen of the show

Wrote three years ago
@hungergamestintin1d it's alright, i guess, i think because i havent seen all the eps i'll probablly get better - that and everyone is going on about it on my tumblr dash
yeah, it airs like late at night here, and im a bit nocternal so yeah
really? why?

Wrote three years ago
is it any good? i've seen ads for it, but it never really caught my fancy. even though i do like mythology
it's being airing in nz for a long time now.
lol one of the guys on that show is on the energy saving adverts that the government airs here in nz

Wrote three years ago
@hungergamestintin1d i've watched a few eps c:
it looks good (i do in fact love norse mythology so that might have something to do with)

Wrote three years ago
omg you watch the almighty johnsons?!
i thought they only aired it in nz!
i'm not allowed to watch it haha


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