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Princess Stefania Dracule § intro


§ Princess Stefania Dracule
Physical Age: 18
Actual Age: 2 Centuries
Breed: Pure-blood
Bio: Stefania is Rux's younger sister and was born shortly before her mother's death in the great final battle. Stefania is a true noble Vampyr, she is: cold, calculating, seductive, and arrogant. She has great disdain for her elder sister, for she feels she deserves the throne, the two have never really been close due to their great differences. Stefania loves throwing extravagant parties, over-indulging, partying in the night streets, and she has been reported as a vicious and merciless hunter. She has many 'cursa', humans she find beautiful and she keeps them alive in her coven chambers to feed on and entertain her, a practice looked down on even though many elders and nobles take part in it; it is usually kept private but Stefania feels no shame parading her pets around parties and events. Stefania believes the Vampyr should rule over humans and Lycans alike and should come out of hiding. She is looking for the perfect excuse to over-throw her sister and Rux might just give her the opportunity if she is not careful.
Model: anne vyalitsyna
Taken: mademoiselle Charlotte-▲


Introduce yourself, if you dare. I am the one and only, Princess Stefania Dracule. You all know who I am, so I will leave it at that.

xx Princess Stef Dracule
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