The year is 1860 and Adreana has just departed from her mentor, lover, and close friend, Trevor. She begins living her life as a beautiful, young, and unattached vampire who has a somewhat decent and boring control over her thirst. She keeps things to the book, always planning and processing her next meal instead of enjoying it but she sticks with it until she meets a very unexpected woman and her brother. 

Adreana walked into the house of a very esteemed Englishman and glanced around for her next meal. She hadn't eaten in awhile and was feeling very reckless and starving. She saw a very handsome gentlemen in the corner who was admiring her from afar. She smiled politely and moved towards him, grabbing a glass of champagne for herself. He made himself known and introduced himself as Joseph, the brother of the owner of this house and part-time tenant. He fancies her as she had planned and she is able to lure him to what she thought was an empty room. She compels him to remain quiet while she checks that the doors are locked before meticulously feeding from him and then feeding him the blood.
"My you are a boring vampire, would you like to read him a bedtime story and tuck him in?" A woman's voice sounded in the room. Adreana turned around, shocked. The blonde haired women walked over to her and Joseph. 
"You should learn to indulge in your kills, it'll make them much more satisfying" She said, biting into the man's neck and drinking deeply. Adreana felt a part of her stir as she saw the blood drip down from his neck. She felt her eyes transform and her fangs extract before she grabbed his wrist and bit into it, drinking heavily and feeling a very strange satisfaction. After the man was bled dry she looked down at the body before turning to the woman. 
"Who are you?" Adreana asked.
"I'm Rebekah" She said, wiping the blood from her lips gracefully. 
"I'm Adreana, pleasure to meet you" She said, curtsying. 
"Well Adreana its very strange that a woman will feed with me and then curtsy. If you are to be a vampire you must learn that means taking everything and giving nothing back. Come with me and my brother we shall help you indulge." She said before turning and walking out of the room. Adreana debated on whether to follow and after a moment or two longer she finally did. This was the start of a new beginning. 

Adreana climbed out of the carriage behind Rebekah and followed her into a very gorgeous house.
"Klaus?" Rebekah called out as they both walked into the living room. A man was feeding on a young girl and once again Adreana was mesmerized by the scent of the blood she could smell. She felt herself transform again and wanted to join in but she held herself back. Rebekah rolled her eyes and pushed her toward them. 
"Go and be a vampire, quit holding yourself back" She said, pushing her again. Adreana moved forward and stood before them. She reached out and took the girl's wrist before quickly biting into it and feeding ravenously. 

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