Adreana wiped the blood from her mouth after enjoying the delicacies of Italy’s finest eligible bachelors. She smiled at the very sexy man who had pulled out a rag to clean up the blood on his neck. In her very sexy British accent she spoke smoothly. “This was fun. Your money is on the table by the door.” She turned on her compulsion, speaking harshly to him. “Now get out” The man stood up, walked over to the door, grabbed the money and left. She sighed and stood up, walking over to the window in her penthouse suite. She was bored and getting very impatient of waiting around for Trevor to show up. As she thought of Trevor, a certain night popped into her head. 
It had been at least 15 years since she had been turned into a vampire and killed her fiancé and yet she was still having a tough time adjusting. Everything was new to her and everything was heightened to her and she had no idea how to control it. She killed recklessly, leaving bodies here and there and still she never felt satiated. Trevor had found her running from the police in London and saved her from being caught by taking her back to an abandoned home out in the country he was staying at with his sister.
“Why did you run off? I’ve spent 15 years trying to find you and here you are being as reckless as a vampire can be.” Trevor said harshly.
“Do you expect me to apologize? If so, you’re going to be very disappointed.” She said, crossing her arms.
“I get it, you’re angry! You’ve made that perfectly clear with all of these murders you’ve been causing. But you are not the only vampire out there and we have to keep it a secret that we exist. If you keep acting like this, all of us will be in danger.” Trevor said trying to get the point across to her.
“I don’t care if vampires are exposed! I don’t care if I kill thousands of people! I don’t care about any of it because I didn’t ask to be this way! I was perfectly content until you came along!” She yelled. Trevor rolled his eyes and shook his head.
“You mean to tell me that you liked being obedient and silent? You liked having everyone tell you what to do while you couldn’t ask a single question? That isn’t any way to live and now you have a second chance to do what you want and be in charge for once and you want to through it all away for ‘perfectly content’? Adreana, open up your eyes and think about what you’re saying!” Trevor said. He had crossed the space between them and now placed his hands loosely on her arms. Adreana looked up at him. Her harsh expression had softened and her eyes were pricked with tears. 
“I don’t know how to do this, Trevor, and it scares me. I can’t control anything I do, I’ve become a monster and I don’t know how to stop” She said, her voice wavering. Trevor embraced her tightly, comforting her.
“Then don’t ever run away from me again. I can help you learn how to live this way and then you won’t be scared anymore” He said, soothingly. He pulled back and looked down at her before crushing his lips against hers in a passionate kiss.
That night they made love for the very first time as equals and from then on Trevor had always taken care of her, teaching her the ways of being a vampire.
It had been 130 years since that night and she remembered it as though it was yesterday. She had returned to live in Italy permanently as soon as Trevor trusted her to be around humans without creating a massacre. He would come to visit her every couple of years and yet no span of time ever seemed long enough. And now as she stood, overlooking such a beautiful city, Adreana waited for Trevor to swoop in for yet another quick visit. A knock on the door sounded and the anticipation rose in the pit of her stomach. She crossed the room quickly and opened the door but as she saw the person on the other side of the door wasn’t Trevor her face fell and she became pissed off. 
“Who the hell are you?” She asked the stranger in the doorway. 
“I have a letter for you from a woman named Rose” He said handing her an envelope and vanishing. Adreana took the letter and shut the door. She tore it open and began reading the letter. She could only manage to read the first few sentences before the paper fell from her hands and a tear fell from her eyes. She stormed through the suite ripping and tearing and destroying everything in her path until she finally collapsed in the bathroom crying her eyes out. Rose had written to tell her that Trevor, her beloved vampire, had been murdered by an old vampire named Elijah. After Adreana had calmed down she cleaned up her face quickly and picked up the letter with a cool resolve. She read the rest of the letter which contained quite a bit of useful information. After reading the entire thing she placed it in a trash can and set the letter on fire. She picked up her cellular phone and dialed a number quickly.
“Kale I need you to get me on the next flight to Mystic Falls. It’s time to pay my little brothers a visit.” She said spitefully before hanging up. She watched the letter burn into nothing but ash before packing her belongings and heading to the airport.
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