Mystic Falls, Virginia. It was such a boring place from the sight of it but Adreana knew there was more to discover there. Her limousine drove her up to the front of the Salvatore boarding house and stopped. The driver got out and opened the door before she stepped out onto the gravel driveway in front of the house. She walked up to the door and knocked while her driver moved to get her things. The front door opened to reveal a very muscular man with penetrating green eyes. 
“Hello little brother” She said in her lush British accent. The man seemed stunned that the words had come out of her mouth. She pushed past him, motioning for her driver to follow with her belongings. She was intercepted by a black haired man with clear blue eyes.
“Adreana Salvatore, the from hell. What are you doing here?” Damon asked, smugly. Adreana simply smiled and removed her sunglasses.
"Just thought I'd drop by for a visit. Plus I figured it was about time to meet the man who got rid of Father for me" She turned to Stefan. "Thanks for killing him by the way" She smirked and headed into the living room, calling out to her driver. 
“Travis put my things up in the first empty bedroom you find and then you can take off, I’ll be staying for a bit” She called out to her driver who was still standing in the entranceway by her luggage. She moved over to the bar that stood behind the couch and poured a drink for herself. Stefan and Damon walked into the living room clearly still confused.
“I’m still lost here” Stefan said. "Who are you?”
“Right we've never officially met” She said, sipping her drink. "Yeah and for good reason" Damon commented. Adreana threw him a brief glare before turning back to Stefan. "I'm Adreana, Big Sister Salvatore" 
Stefan moved to speak but Damon interjected his own remark first. "So you came all the way to Mystic Falls, Virginia to meet your little brother? I'm not buying it, what game are you playing? Why are you really here?" Adreana finished off the drink and set the empty glass on the table upside down. She shook her head.
“Ah, ah, ah, a woman never reveals all of her secrets. Well at least not without getting something in return.” She said sharply. “All you need to know is that I’ll be staying here for a while.”
“Over my dead body” Damon said sharply.
“Trust me, that can be arranged if you would prefer it." She said smugly. "Now if you’ll excuse me I need to go find someone for dinner” Adreana said before walking out of the boarding house and vanishing into town. Stefan looked at Damon and in that instant they agreed on something: Adreana was trouble.


Adreana walked into the Mystic Falls Grille and sat down, ordering herself a glass of Merlot. She looked at the neon lit clock on the wall and smirked as she felt an old friend set down across from her. "Right on time" She commented, twirling the stem of the glass between her fingers. 
"Its been a long time coming Rose" She said, smirking. Rose smirked back at her. "That it has. It didn't take you very long to get back to Mystic Falls"
"What can I say, revenge is a great motivator. And believe me by the time I am done with Mystic Falls, it'll be nothing but ash" She said casually before sipping her wine. Rose smirked. 
"You certainly haven't lost your tough over the years but your revenge may have to wait, there's about to be an even bigger problem in Mystic Falls. Klaus is coming" 
"Niklaus, really?" Adreana asked, smirking. "He's coming for Elena." She stated smugly. Rose nodded. "This town just became very interesting. I think I'll stay awhile. It'll definitely be fun to see how my brothers react to this news. So what's become of our doppleganger vampire, Kathrine?" 
"She tried to take down the Salvatore brothers and ended up in a tomb with a very powerful magical seal to keep vampires from leaving it ever" Adreana chuckled and shook her head.
"Well she certainly got herself in a hot mess. Serves her right. You play with fire too much you'll eventually end up burned. Although it would've been fun to stir up trouble like the old days, you remember don't you?" She said. Rose smiled. 
"How could I forget? We were the baddest bit.ches in town." Rose said, recalling old memories. 
A very handsome young man walked into the bar.
"But if you'll excuse me, my dinner has just arrived. Care to join me for a quick bite?" She smirked, catching the eye of the man from across the room. 
"Nah go ahead, I have to pay a visit to your brother, Damon. I'll catch you later" 
"Suit yourself" She said, standing up and heading over to the bar. She paused and turned back.
"Oh and Rose? There's no need for my brothers to know about our little conversation. Its probably best not to mention we even know each other. It'll be our little secret." She said smirking. Rose nodded and Adreana continued over to the man. After a brief flirtatious encounter she compelled him to come out back with her. She killed him quickly, draining him dry before disposing of the body. The cool night air didn't even touch her as she walked into the shadows of the night.
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