Name: Adreana Salvatore 

Birthdate: December 22, 1827 (20/184)

Living Relatives: Her younger brothers, Damon and Stefan Salvatore

Species: Vampire

Transfiguration Date: 1847 by Trevor

Cause of Death: Poisoned (as a human)

Killed by: Dante Rapposelli (as a human)

Played by: Camilla Belle

Bio: Adreana was born on the 22nd of December in Italy in 1827 to Giuseppe Salvatore and his unknown wife. She was raised as a proper young lady and introduced into society. She was a very quiet and obedient child who grew into a beautiful wallflower. On her 20th birthday she was arranged to marry a man by the name of Dante Rapposelli, the son of a very powerful family. As the obedient daughter she was, Adreana was prepared to marry this man she barely knew to appease her father’s wishes, that is until Trevor showed up. This dark and mysterious stranger fancied Adreana and it was very easy to see that she was helpless to his charm. He brought out her dark side and soon they had begun a secret affair. Giuseppe Salvatore, her father, knew of their affair and told her fiancé, Dante, disowning his daughter in that moment. Dante devised a plan to quietly do away with Trevor through the use of poison. A few drops into his drink and Trevor would be dead within minutes. Alas, it was not Trevor who drank the poisoned drink but Adreana in a flirty game of keep away gone awry. Hours after she had kissed the last of her life goodbye, Adreana woke up confused only to realize the true nature of Trevor and now the true nature of herself. To complete her transition she fed on the blood of her ex-fiancé, Dante, until he died in her arms. She disappeared into the night, alone, and hasn’t been heard of or seen since then, that is until now.
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