Adreana moved the heavy stone placed in front of the tomb entrance. The sunlight illuminated only a few feet inside while the rest of the tomb lay in dense shadows. She used her heightened sight to see a very weak figure limping towards the bright entrance to the tomb.
"Katherine." She said confidently.
"Well look what the cat dragged home, kicking and screaming I hope." Katherine joked. "How'd you find me?" She asked, leaning against the wall for support.
"You weren't hard to find. I just asked the first person I saw where the most psychotic would be and they directed me here." She smirked smugly. "You're not looking too good. It seems my brothers finally got the best of you" Katherine chuckled and shook her head. "Oh don't worry they haven't seen the last of me. I have insurance to make sure I get out of here." She said, holding up a cloudy white rock. Adreana rolled her eyes. "Of course you have something they want. Typical Katherine, so what is it?" She asked. Katherine chuckled and hid the rock again. "Its a secret" She said placing a finger to her lips. Adreana smirked before holding up the blood bag in her hand. "Brought you a present" She said preparing to toss it at a very hungry looking Katherine but she stopped. "I'll give it to you if you tell me what the rock is for" She said, bargaining some answers from her. Katherine smirked. "Its good to see that I was able to teach you something. Fine. Its called a moonstone and its a key to breaking a very important curse." She spilled. 
"The original's curse?" Adreana asked curiously. Katherine smirked. "Someone's been doing their homework. Yes the original's curse, more specifically the original named Klaus" Katherine said.
Adreana smirked, recalling her favorable original's name easily. Katherine eyed her suspiciously.
"Do you know the name?" She asked. Adreana looked at Katherine. "Nope it doesn't ring a bell" She said easily. Adreana tossed the blood bag at Katherine's feet. "Thanks for the information Katherine, I'll keep in touch" She said before walking away from the tomb and back into the forest to her car. She stopped in front of her car, hearing footsteps approach the tomb. She turns and sees a girl that looks like Katherine walking down towards the tomb with a duffle bag. She smirks and listens for a short while before taking out her cell phone and dialing her baby brother's number. 
"Hello Stefan, do you happen to know where Elena is tonight?" She asked.
"What are you talking about Adreana?" He asked, concerned. "Have you done something to her?"
"Why don't you ask her alter ego and find out" She said before hanging up. She got in her car and drove off into the coming night to visit another old friend.


Adreana knocked on two faded oak doors. "Slater its Adreana, open up!" She called out. A few moments later the doors opened and Slate appeared.
"Adreana?" He asked a bit confused.
"What's the matter, Slater, never seen a vampire at your front door before?" She smirked and pushed past him, into the apartment. Slater shut the door, still apparently confused. 
"What exactly are you doing here?" He asked distantly.
"Can't I just drop by to pay a quick visit to an old friend?" She smirked, playing up the innocent facade.
"Of course, if we were actually friends." He said harshly. She pouted cutely.
"Awww, now you've gone and hurt my feelings" She moved quickly and pinned him against the wall by his throat tightly. 
"You'll pay for that" She spat harshly. "I need some answers and you're gonna cooperate or I could stake you here and now" She threatened. 
"Well if you did that it would be quite an inconvenience for me, love" A very familiar British voice said. Both of them turned to look at its owner. A smile spread on Adreana's face as she recognized the owner as Elijah Mikelson, one of the original vampires. 
"Elijah, just the vamp I was looking for" She turned back to Slater. "Your services are no longer required" She said, releasing his neck and handing him over to Elijah. "Do be quick about it Elijah, we have some catching up to do" She said, leaning back against the wall to wait for Elijah. Elijah gave her a curt nod and turned his attention to Slater, capturing his gaze and turning on the compulsion. 
"I would like you to send a message for me. Call your lady friend, Rose, and give her this message. The curse can be destroyed but they will need the moonstone and a witch." He said quickly. Slater nodded and carried out the task perfectly. Adreana smirked as she waited to see what Elijah would do next. Slater hung up the phone and turned back to Elijah.
"Very nicely done. Now take this stake and plunge it into your heart" Elijah compelled, handing Slater a stake. Adreana's eyes gleamed with admiration at Elijah's style. Slater took it and killed himself quickly, falling to the ground. 
"I see you haven't lost your touch" Adreana said, walking over to him. 
"My, my, my, Adreana. How long has it been? Almost 100 years? I see nothing has changed between us" Elijah said. Adreana smirked and grabbed the back of his neck, pulling him in for a very deep kiss. A few moments passed and they broke apart. She smirked at him. 
"Let's get out of here" She said and both of them vanished from the apartment.
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