Inspiration: TVD Girls.

01.Bah, My term paper is due in like 5 days, kill me now! I hate doing Foot/end notes or whatever they're called.

02. I highly doubt that that Eva chick actually killed Lee, one person figures he's in a "dead comatose" thing, and she'll bring him back to life as soon as she tries to knock faye off. Faye's soo gonna get her. 

03. I'm wondering when Elena's finally gonna becomea vampire. It better be soon ,and i really want Elejah to happen soon. Forget Stelena and Delena ;) Jk. Im weird i like her with all three. And seriously, there's some mad sexual tension between Elena and Alaric i think. And what about Klaroine? it can't be over... 

04.So, asking this guy out for coffee today, and I'm really nervous. Literally, I've never done something like this before. Wish me luck ;) haha.
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