Wednesday » May » 18 » Cuan's Birthday
It’s Cuan’s birthday and it depressed my like no other. I thought back to the past, when we would have the best parties, the best feasts on this day. I forced myself to grab the black box off my dresser. Inside the box was a small gold figurine of a wolf sitting on a throne with his foot on a globe. It was, in my eyes, the perfect think to describe just how much Cuan not only meant to me but the tribe. He ruled our world. He was, in a sense, our world. I walked towards Cuan’s tent and placed a small box on the outside. I couldn’t bare to see him, especially not with everything that had gone on the past few days. 

When I got back to my room I stayed there, Merlyn’s arms wrapped around me tight as I allowed a few tears to stream down my face. It wasn’t just the fact that it was Cuan’s birthday but the lost of trust from the tribe, the accusations, and the possible bounty that was placed on all three of our heads from the vamprys. I didn’t want to be in the palace, I wanted to be on Merlyn’s lumpy couch. Raiding his fridge and forgetting everything. Staying here for me was the never ending reminder of the choices I had made. It was all too much. Merlyn wiped my tears and told me to be strong, knowing that if anyone could handle things it would be me. He called me a boulder even though I felt more like a pebble, he did his best to convince me that he was right and after a few hours of passion I did believe him. He’s very persuasive.
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