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Fav girl Elena
Fav guy Damon
Fav Couple Delena
Elena over Kat
Caroline over Bonnie
Damon over Stefan
Fav episode was Rose


Wrote three years ago
You know I would change my choice between Care and Bon. I love Care but after season 2 Bonnie is my second fave behind Elena! I love her!!! Fave Episode still the same!

Wrote three years ago
fave girl- elena
fave couple- i really like elena with stefan, but also with damon :/
elena wins over kat
caroline wins over bonnie
do i really have to choose b/w damon and stefan? :(
ps- i really want caroline with tyler, they are so cute together, and she's really sweet with him, even though they're supposed to be mortal enemies :)

Wrote 4 years ago
fav couple damon elena

Wrote 4 years ago
fav girl bonnie
fav guy damon

Wrote 4 years ago
awww good choice dear i'm finished season 1 already can't wait for season 2 keke too late dear :))))