{TW} Dera Holloway

Name: Dera Holloway
Age: 18
Race/Type: Hunter
Likes: hacking into networks, coffee, concentrating, yoga, martial arts, vintage cars, journals, hikes, classic movies, whistling
Dislikes: police, noisy neighbors, bars, alleys, crossing rooftops, black-tie events, funerals, forgetting things, killers, doctors
Personality: indifferent to anything besides supernatural world, mature, reliable, suspicious, stubborn, deceiving
Music Taste: Augustana, The Script, One Republic, Lana Del Rey
Occupation: part-time church secretary / Hunter
Bio: Dera Holloway is not very popular in Belgrade. Sure, she is the granddaughter of Joseph Holloway a well-respected townsman of Belgrade, but her reputation isn’t the best. After her grandfather passed away, Dera’s family moved into her grandparents’ house in order to take care of her grandmother Annabelle. Her father and her uncle Joe showed her the ‘real-family businesses. The Holloways have been hunters that can be traced back to the 1800s.
Biggest Secret: She watched her grandfather get killed.
Family: Grandfather Joseph Holloway (deceased), Grandmother Annabelle, Andrew Holloway (father) , Anita Holloway (mother) and Uncle Joe Holloway.
Model: Julia Saner
Collection: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/collection?id=2211751
Taken by: @tania-l

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Wrote three years ago
flawless. can i keep the uncle? LOL


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