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I smiled as I walked to Connor's hotel room. If I guessed right he was sitting on his a.ss watching tv and trying to call his girlfriend. For some reason it was actually kind of cute even though I felt bad for him a bit. He was a really sweet guy and I'm not quite sure she realized it. Especially since there were tons of girls in The Warehouse that wished they could snag him in a heartbeat.
He opened the door quickly and his eyes widen. I'm sure because of the tight red dress I was wearing, "Come. Were going to the seven deadly sins party. There's no reason to be cooped up in this room."
He shook his head, "No, I'd rather just stay in the room."
I shook my head, "No Connor you need to get out of this room and have some major fun. You can look nice, drink, stare at hot girls," I smirked at him, "Just come on. You know you want to..." I smirked.
He sighed, "Fine, come in while I change." He opened the door for me and I walked in, sitting on his bed, making myself comfortable.
"So what were your plans going to be before I interrupted you?" I said, looking through the door that was slightly open.
“Not much, just watching tv.”
I bit my lip as he slipped off shirt and saw a peek of his defined chest, “Oh I’m sure… just tv? Not like porn or anything?” I teased him.
“Well if it came on I wouldn’t have complained?” He smirked at me.
“Are you sure your girlfriend would be okay with that?”
“What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her.” He said, walking out and winking at me. He came out very nicely dressed.
I shrugged, “Well now you’re stuck with me, so we don’t have to worry about hiding the fact that you’re watching porn from your girlfriend.” I smirked, standing up from the spot on my bed. “You look nice.” I commented, he looked more than nice. He looked f*cking sexy as hell.
“Thanks,” He smiled, “You look fantastic as well, but you don’t need anyone to tell you that.” He said smirking.
“Well thank you. Are you sure your girlfriend won’t be worried about you spending time with such a hot girl?” I cocked my brow, looking at him.
He shook his head, stuffing his room key and wallet into his pocket, “You know what, let’s stop worrying about Raegan because she’s not here. It’s just you and me love.” He smirked, trying to keep a straight page, but he busted out laughing.
I rolled my eyes and pulled his hand, “Let’s go, we’re already running late.”
We quickly got to the party and it was, I’m sure, your typical Vegas party. Dancing, boozing, half naked girls… the whole nine yards.
“I can’t believe I let you drag me here.” Connor yelled over the loud pumping music.
I rolled my eyes, “Please Connor, you are such a debbie downer. Just have fun!!” I said, grinning widely. He really needed to have a sh*t load of fun.
“Come on, you need a drink.” I said, deciding for him.
I grabbed his hand and dragged him all the way to the way. I blinked my eyelashes a few times and got the bartenders attention.
“What can I get you beautiful?” 
I smirked at him, running my hands through my long hair, “My friend and I would like two lemon drops each just to start off and I want a vodka and sprite and he would like a Blue Moon.” I said quickly, distracting him from even asking for an ID.
“Give me a minute sweetheart.” I smiled triumphantly as he turned around, making our drinks.
I turned around and smirked and Connor, “I don’t drink Blue Moon.” He smirked at me.
I shrugged, “Well it’s time to try something new baby… it’s a really good beer, I promise you’ll like it.” I told him
“You’re pretty bossy sometimes, you know that?” He grinned at me.
“Yeah, so what? I have to older brothers, the only way I got noticed was to push myself into situations. So that meant doing whatever I had to, to get the attention I wanted.” I smirked, winking as the bartender handed our drinks to us.
“Just come back anytime you need a refill… I’ll get it to you as soon as possible.” He said, flirting with me.
“Thank you. You’re so sweet.” I said, smirking, turning back to Connor who was staring at me with an eyebrow cocked, “What?”
“How do you do that? Get whatever you want without having to do a single thing?”
“Uhm… I’m a girl and I know how to flirt really well. It’s a gift really. I know how to get what I want.” I winked, “Enough chit chat, time to get sh*tfaced babe.” I pushed the two shot glasses his way, “Once you’re done with the first, down the second one.”
He nodded, “Fine, fine fine.”
“One. Two. Three.” I said then quickly shot down the first glass. With not much time to recover I grabbed the other one and downed it even quicker.
I grinned looking at him, “How was it?”
“Fine, is that all?” He asked, strained.
I shook my head, “God no, but I’ll give you a little break to drink your beer.” I winked at him.
“Why are we doing this Aria?” He took a sip of his beer.
“Because you need to have fun and stop worrying about your girlfriend!!” I yelled at him, taking a sip of my own drink.
“I’m not worried about her.” He said, but I could tell he was lying through his teeth.
“Really? I don’t believe that… that girl is the only thing you think about.” I said finishing, “And I’m sure you’re thinking about her now.”
“Whatever.” He brushed me off
“Exactly, you just proved my point.” I smirked, taking a large sip of my drink as he avoided eye contact with me.
“I thought we were going to drink.” He deadpanned and I smirked at him.
I nodded and waved the bartender back over and just started ordering random things with a high alcohol content. He just needed to stop being so good and get wasted.
I lined up a row of shots for him and I, “Here you go.”
“Are we just going to go down the line one after the other?” He asked me incredulously.
I shrugged, “I’ll give you some recovering time in between each since you’re new to this.” I grinned, winking at him.
“I’ve taken shots before.”
Not like this before.
I patted his arm and smirked, “Right.”
I turned around and faced the bar, “Alright time to drink…”
He sighed standing next to me, “Let’s get this over with…”
“Oh, don’t be mister grumpy gills.” I said, winking at him, taking my first shot and following with the rest of them.
He rolled his eyes and followed suit, downing all the drinks quickly, then coughing. “F*ck…” He groaned.
I smirked, “Give it a few minutes, there’s enough alcohol in those drinks to take down an elephant.”
He groaned, “Thanks for that.”
I winked, “Chill, you’re going to have a great time tonight.”

I was stumbling down the halls of the hotel as Connor and I walked back to his room. I was completely wasted and I could barely stand up straight.
I giggled as he leaned me up against the wall next to his door, “Connor, I can’t even stand up.
He smirked at me, “I know. You drank a lot. Way more than me… don’t think I didn’t know you were sneaking drinks the entire time.”
I slowly slid down the wall but he grabbed me before I fell, “I promise I’m not always a sloppy drunk, Connor…” I giggled.
“I believe you..” He slid his key card in the door and opened it, helping me in and set me down slowly on the bed.
I moved myself up to the headboard and laid my head on the pillow, “Can I stay here tonight?” I groaned out.
He walked away, changing, “Yes… I wasn’t planning on letting you stay alone. Do you want some clothes of mine to wear?”
I shook my head, “No, I’m fine… I’ve slept in a dress before.” I yawned out, slipping off my heels and throwing them off the bed.
“Okay…” He laid down next to me on top of the comforter. He looked at me, “You sure you don’t want to change?”
I grinned, nodding, “I swear. Don’t worry… So did you have fun?”
He nodded, “Yeah, I did actually, even though this is the most drunk I’ve ever been… “
“You deserve to have fun…” I mumbled, “You’re a good guy, you need the fun.”
“Thanks Aria…”
I sighed, “I think I might fall asleep…” I leaned over instinctually and kissed him deeply on the lips and pulled away, “Goodnight.”
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