{TW,TD} Eliana Tyrell

Name: Eliana Tyrell
Age: Seven and Ten
Bio: Eliana is one of the sweetest things you’ll meet, she’s the perfect Lady and as fair as any maiden from the songs. Three years ago she was naïve enough to trust a young hedge knight four years her senor. He tricked her into loving him and she soon found herself with a son, who died three days after his birth. She still holds a tender spot in her heart for the young babe, but is urged to keep it a secret by her family. The Tyrells pass her off as a virtuous maid and plan to have her married to a Targaryen Prince with no one knowing any better. Ellie wishes only to stay in Highgarden with her family, surrounded by sweet flowers and pretty dresses, though she knows her idyllic world will not last as soon as her secret is exposed. As harmless as she seems, Eliana is still a highborn lady and will do anything it takes to prevent people knowing her past.
Relationship Status: Single
Model: Rosie Tupper
Taken By: @lilyrachled


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@flyingmonkeys1995 I know :p

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Lily your so cool :) lovely collection

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@bruno-mars15 Thank you :D

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this is a lovely collection!!


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