twee as f**k!

twee as f**k!
Moderated by djalicat.
this group is dedicated to the twee side of indie:
buttons & bows & puppy dog toes, cardigans, glasses, alice bands, mary janes & oxfords, books & bookstores & libraries, tea & tea cups & tea cakes, the owl and the pussycat, badges, polka dots & stripes, plaid & florals, arts & crafts, knitting & crocheting, homemade & handmade...
soundtrack: noah & the whale, belle & sebastian, laura marling, fanfarlo, dear winesburg, the dum dum girls, the vivian girls, veronica falls, c86, indie pop, el records, she & him, best coast, the pastels, the vaselines,
movies & t.v.: i'm a cyborg, amelie, secretary, the first days of spring, mumblecore, 500 days of summer, on a clear day you can see forever, pushing daisies, glee
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