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  • Twig Lightning Bolt Necklace
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    Twig Lightning Bolt Necklace
    Your spirit runs beautiful and free. Let it show with the lightning bold necklace! Ignite your look with this charming necklace crafted in gold vermeil settings.It's a swoon-worthy combination that declares you Queen of Style.
  • Twig Masquerade Cat Necklace
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    Twig Masquerade Cat Necklace
    Make the celebration of feline fashion the perfect finish to favorite outfits. Let 'em know you're serious about ferociously feminine style when wearing this sterling silver masquerade cat necklace. You can be fierce eveyday!
  • Twig Gold Peace Sign Necklace
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    Twig Gold Peace Sign Necklace
    For just a little bit of peace, this gold peace sign necklace is a great choice. The peace symbol pendant is shined up nicely to make it really stand out. It will look great when paired with peace sign stud earrings or a peace sign bracelet!
  • Twig Spiderweb Necklace
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    Twig Spiderweb Necklace
    You don't follow the crowd, you make your own path and the spiderweb necklace was designed just for you. Pair it with your favorite earrings for a look that is all you. Thinking outside of the box is part of your DNA.
  • Twig Flying Bunny Necklace
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    Twig Flying Bunny Necklace
    Get your wardrobe hopping with this charming flying bunny necklace. The cutest of all Mother Nature's creatures creates feminine look to perk up your breezy sundresses, brightly-colored capris and Sunday best. It's crafted in gold vermeil settings.
  • Twig Bat Pendant Necklace
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    Twig Bat Pendant Necklace
    Add a festive charm to your look with the bat pendant necklace. This striking pendant is cast in gold vermeil on a black rhodium over sterling silver chain. It's guaranteed to add style to anything you wear it with.
  • Twig Squirrel Pendant Necklace
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    Twig Squirrel Pendant Necklace
    You'll go nuts for this cute little critter. This whimsical squirrel pendant necklace reminds you of endless summer days looking out the window watching playful squirrels gallivanting up and down trees. Wear it daily for a fun look!
  • Twig Owl Pendant Necklace
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    Twig Owl Pendant Necklace
    This charming owl pendant necklace is the perfect subject forsavvy style. Every detail of the smartly appointed piece displays the design's pretty precision. Show it off everyday!
  • Twig Masquerade Bunny Necklace
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    Twig Masquerade Bunny Necklace
    the masquerade bunny necklace may not be of the chocolate variety, but this bunny is just as sweet! Crafted with gold vermeil settings, it's an irresistible accessory. Wear this as a daily reminder of just how 'hoppy' life can be.
  • Twig Bird Cage Necklace
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    Twig Bird Cage Necklace
    the bird & cage necklace boasts a luxurious whimsy. The sparrow symbolizes good luck, good fortune, love, dedication, trust and safe journey. This wonderful necklace is crafted in gold vermeil settings.
  • Twig Thunderbird Heart Necklace
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    Twig Thunderbird Heart Necklace
    Wear your heart in plain view with the thunderbird heart necklace. Layer it with your existing chains or wear it as a statement piece that says it all without saying a word. The chain is crafted with blak rhodium over sterling silver with a gold vermeil pendant.
  • Twig Dancing Fox Necklace
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    Twig Dancing Fox Necklace
    This beautiful dancing fox necklace reminds us to protect what is valuable and matters the most out of life. The best part is it can be worn with just about anything in your closet and you're making a statement, it's the best of both worlds.
  • Twig Gold Hamsa Heart Necklace
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    Twig Gold Hamsa Heart Necklace
    Show someone you love them with this adorable hamsa heart necklace. The hamsa/heart combination places you at the center of all that fashionable with symbolism to match. It will protect you from hum-drum style!
  • Twig Love Skull Necklace
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    Twig Love Skull Necklace
    Walk on the wild side You'd rather skip. Get going when you accent everyday outfits with the playfully edgy love skull necklace. Wear this stylish symbol of your saucy yet swee personality.
  • Twig Little Leaf Necklace
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    Twig Little Leaf Necklace
    You're a natural beauty. Add a touch of Bohemian luxury to your favorite looks with the organic feel of this little leaf necklacE. It brings just the right touch of elegance for any woman on the go. The necklace is crafted in gold vermeil settings.
  • Twig Snake Pendant Necklace
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    Twig Snake Pendant Necklace
    Would-be snake charmers, it's your turn for some serpentine style. the snake pendant necklace slithers on your neckline in a way that's both beautiful and hypnotizing. Talk about striking!
  • Twig Fox Head Necklace
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    Twig Fox Head Necklace
    the fox head necklace is utterly fantastic! It's your little go-to necklace. You'll look super adorable in this fabulously sweet accessory. The pendant and the chain are all crafted in sterling silver settings.
  • Twig Royal Thunderbird Necklace
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    Twig Royal Thunderbird Necklace
    theroyal thunderbird necklace is a pretty piece that you can wear with almost anything in your wardrobe. Crafted in gold vermeil settings, it's edgy yet subtle enough for everyday. This necklace is a definite conversation-starter that will get you noticed.
  • Twig Peace Drop Pendant Necklace
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    Twig Peace Drop Pendant Necklace
    the peace drop pendant necklace is aimed to help inspired you to keep your cool during life's surprises. It's made from black rhodium over sterling silver and a gold vermeil pendant. This necklace is the ideal finishing touch for the everyday.
  • Twig Flower Pendant Necklace
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    Twig Flower Pendant Necklace
    Go au naturel with this pretty, petite flower pendant necklace. It's feminine and subtle enough for every thing in your closet. This charming necklace brightens your look with a fun, floral design that gives it a casual, everyday feel.
  • Twig Love Letter Necklace
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    Twig Love Letter Necklace
    Love jewelry with a story So do we. the love letter necklace holds all of your fashionable secrets. Crafted with sterling silver, this stylish accessory is perfect for everyday.
  • Twig Star Of David Necklace
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    Twig Star Of David Necklace
    Profess your love of fashion and faith with this elegant Star of David Necklace. The Star of David design adds a spiritual guide to your daily ensemble. Wear it daily for inspiration.
  • Twig Infinity Necklace
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    Twig Infinity Necklace
    Show her how much you care with this perfect symbol of everlasting love. the infinity necklace will take her breath away especially when given to her in a little tiny box. The best part is she'll think of you every time she wears it.
  • Twig Lotus Heart Necklace
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    Twig Lotus Heart Necklace
    Revel in vintage-kissed romance with the lotus heart necklace. Twig turns to yesteryear's intricately fashioned creations to give you this charming cut-out heart design. Treat yourself to a sweet finishing piece!
  • Twig Hamsa Heart Necklace
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    Twig Hamsa Heart Necklace
    Protect your sense of style as you wear this enchanting hamsa heart necklace. The mesmerizing hamsa and heart combination remind you to take charge of your destiny. What destiny do you ask The one that involves you in the spot light where ever you go!
  • Twig Stag Head Necklace
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    Twig Stag Head Necklace
    The stag head necklace a necklace that demands attention! The chain is crafted with blak rhodium over sterling silver with a gold vermeil pendant. What a fabulous way to be confident without saying a word.
  • Twig Hope Necklace
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    Twig Hope Necklace
    Be inspired with this sterling silver 'Hope' necklace. You'll be encouraged and empowered each time you slip it on. It makes a wonderful gift for yourself or someone you love.
  • Twig Love Necklace
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    Twig Love Necklace
    Take 'love' wherever you go when wearing this classic 'Love' necklace. Crafted of black rhodium over sterling silver, 'Love' is carved onto a gold vermeil chain. Wear it individually or layer it with other pieces to create fabulous looks for any given day.
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