"it will be as if i never existed"
"and so the lion fell in love with the lamb. what a stupid lamb. what a sick, masochistic lion"
"what if im not the hero? what is im...the bad guy?"
"look after my heart. i've left it with you"
"i love you"
"that was the first night i dreamt of edward cullen"
"about three things i was absolutely positive. first, edward was a vampire. second, there was a part of him---and i didnt know how potent that part might be---that thirsted for my blood. and third, i was unconditionally, and irrevocably in love with him."
"money, sex, money, sex, cat."
"so that's what you dream about? becoming a monster?" 
"see, i tell you i can read minds, and you think theres something wrong with you?"
"so, did you stab edward cullen with a pencil or what?"
"so, you and cullen, huh? . . . . . i dont like it." 
"stupid, shiny, volvo owner."
"you are my life now."

any quotes i forgot? comment and tell me what you think i should add. THANK YOU!

luv u all,
lexxii <33
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