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Twilight Saga Mania All Over the World

Any Twilight fan is welcome, and ANYTHING Twilight is welcome, as well. And remember this isnt JUST focused on Twilight, but also the movie cast (mainly now). So you can submit sets about the cast or any current or iold projects (tv shows, movies) they were involved in (look up the cast on imdb under Twilight and it tells you what the current and past projects they're involved in). Contests will be made often. And when I run out of ideas, I create "Make Your Own Contest Idea" contest so member will have more of a say on what contests will be. Crossover sets and fanfics are also allowed in the group. Anything to do with any of the Cast of Twilight Saga is fine, you can enter sets about other movies the cast was in. For all Twilight Fans from all over the world. Have Fun! Rules: Be respectful to other members and the moderators. And DO NOT copy sets. From Gothic_Pheonix: @xxweezyxx suggested I change the name to Twilight Saga Mania because the previous name: "Sexy,Sexy Emmett(Contest now!)" Didn't sound appealing and there's not many Emmett sets entered anymore. And I was inclined to agree.
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