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yes! more character story-arcs. this one is a bit because of the realisation a lot of my characters are a) caucasian (mainly) b) able-bodied (mainly. yes, saya is preggers and only has one hand, but that doesn't count) and c) hetero (mainly). that's not good, is it?
but it's also because of a couple of new dorky fandoms I've picked up.
one more note before bio notes: this probably doesn't occur in the same universe as plot-lines/character series 1), 2) and maybe 8) (that is, Amadea, Carmen et al, Leo, Gwen, Xue at al, and the Bad Ideas crew.) BUT! I can tentatively say you shouldn't be surprised if they tie in one day. Hmmm. Anyway, definitely last series of characters for a while, til I do some stuff with them - finally.
And with that rant out of the way, Fia's bio:
This story/world/character-series is inspired by, in pretty much, equal measure: Hoax Hunters, Ghost-busters and THIS short (Caution recommended. NSFW. Strong horror and gore. Not for people who don't like horror, seriously, trust me):,d.d2k.
About Fia:
* Fiammetta Abandonato "Fia"
* Old. Very old.
* Monster, as in, a proper monster. A reformed monster, one must add, one who's turned away from the dark for better or worse and must pay the price for her decision - and her past actions.
* Possibly one of the most powerful dark magicians to ever live - or she would have been, if she hadn't turned away from her evil roots.
* As a result, very vulnerable to exorcisms/light magic/all the stuff creatures of the dark are vulnerable to. It doesn't matter that she's changed, she's still the got those weak spots.
* Has also been banned from practicing her dark magic, which means she gets quite cranky and gets horrible migraines, sometimes.
* Emphatically in love with Bethsabée, even if they fight from time to time.
* Fights monsters, ftw.
* 5'1, pretty in a certain way, curvy, darkish hair/skin and lightish eyes.
* Struggles with newfound compassion and 'heart'. A little bit heart over head.
* Tiny and feisty. Big-hearted. Surprisingly sweet for someone by nature so hard-boiled. Creative, and not necessarily in a way which is good for anyone else. Opinionated. Wildly emotional, but not very good at dealing with it or processing it.
* In TVTropes speak, the Red Oni to Bethsabée's Blue Oni.
* Still has a lot of darkness in her personality, and a mean streak which comes to the surface from time to time.
* The kind of person who really does care and get hurt because she doesn't know -not- to get hurt... and then loses control of her temper and does something mean and out of line and doesn't realise that she really -shouldn't- have. So really, poor impulse control.
* In the same vein, likes the human vices, like cigarettes, caffeine, alcohol, sugar, and, most of all, -sleep-.
* Oh, and how could I forget? She's blind. Well, not -blind-, but she's got maybe 10% vision. She can make out colours/shapes/light-dark, faintly, and that's about it. The reason why is a pretty long story which is neither here nor there. It makes her even more vulnerable, but she's not the kind of person to even -acknowledge- that one.
* Used to live out of a case, and even now that she lives with Saba, old habits die hard.
* Wears a key around her neck, for some reason.

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